I’m sure we are all happy that along with the time change comes an extra hour of daylight. This past week found us experiencing the end pains of winter with more snow and cold. It is also a time in which we can find ourselves cranky and short of temper. Hopefully as we enter into the 3rd week of Lent, and but a few short weeks away from the onset of Spring, we can offer the sufferings up of snow and cold up to our Lord and practice sacrificing by limiting our temper and maximizing our sense of charity. So is it safe to ask you how you are doing this week? How are your Lenten practices doing so far? This past month I have enjoyed and utilized much of what Will Rein has been speaking about in his weekly column and supplementing that with Dynamic Catholic’s Best Lent Ever (BLE). I enjoy BLE and the short videos and short scripture quotes they have offered me for reflection and prayer; I find them very practical and they have enhanced the way I see things and the manner in which I worship. Check our Best Lent Ever by Googling Dynamic Catholic and make sure you take home this week’s bulletin and be sure to reread Will’s column. By the way I hope you still have your copy of my Christmas Gift, ‘Resisting Happiness’, and now would be a great time to introduce yourself to its content….folks this time of year we can be unreasonable and cranky to those we most love, the content of this book can well help us to avoid many pitfalls to experiencing happiness. Be sure to check Catherine’s column as well, it’s a great way to grow in an understanding of our theology.

One of the practices for Lent is charitable works and I have a favorite one we should consider taking part. On Saturday, April 8th from 9:00-4:00pm the town is running its annual KEEP MARSHFIELD CLEAN day. I’d like to get a group together, especially our Youth and Adult Missionaries to participate in this event. We could meet at the rectory at 9:00am and donate two hours of service, finishing up at 11:00am. If you’d like to join us please contact our parish secretary Christine at 781-834-4953 or email at office@stanns.net. Let’s make our town beautiful. Now, how about a Lenten idea for ALMSGIVING and again this fits in with our Missionary program. We have a mission affiliate in NPH, and specifically, the orphanage down in Guatemala. NPH USA is having their annual Irish Hearts for Orphans Fundraiser on the next day, April 9th from 4:00-8:00pm, at the Marriot Boston Quincy. We have made a gift of $500.00 and are a sponsor of the event. The afternoon is filled with Irish Music and good food and drink. I will be attending the event at 4:00pm and would welcome any one else who would like to attend. Please contact Christine to register. I am happy to tell you that they are honoring Father Joe Reake, former parochial vicar at Holy Family Parish, who also once was my deacon supervisor. Fr. Raeke has taken 3 trips to the orphanage and has provided the visiting groups wonderful spiritual support.

Next Saturday evening’s Vigil Mass is being celebrated by Father Wendell Verrill, a senior priest of the archdiocese and member of the St. James Society. I am happy to inform everyone that Fr. Verrill will be back the weekend of May 6th & 7th for our ANNUAL MISSION WEEKEND where he will be speaking on behalf of the Society and all of its good works in South America, the 2nd collection that weekend will be directed to the works of the missions. On a personal note, Fr. Wendell is one of the nicest and most generous priests I know in the Archdiocese and he has an exceptional singing voice. Father is a member of the South Shore Men of Harmony along with our organist Joe Kodzis.

So we have covered Lenten Service and Almsgiving opportunities, but don’t forget they need to be rooted in prayer. How are you doing with morning and night prayer and are you speaking with Jesus during the day? Let’s make this our best lent ever!