I want to thank Alison and Mike DaPonte for registering me for the St Patrick’s Day Marshfield Education 5K walk/run. I had the time of my life and enjoyed seeing so many parishioners either participating in the race or sitting on the sidelines rooting everyone on. I hope next year our parish can become one of the sponsors of this fundraiser for Marshfield Education Programs. I did come in with a time which was at the top 40% of my age group, and my competitive nature may see me sprint next year and beat Alison DaPonte!

This is the 5th Week of Lent. I hope everyone likes the canvas banners we have hung on the walls behind the altar. Each of the sets of posters correspond to scenes from the Gospel Readings of the particular weekend. We have completed the three year cycle of readings along with the banners, and will be able to get our second use of the banners next year. In the off season the canvas banners are carefully preserved in the back and hang in a special closet. I hope we may get 25 years out of them!

We have placed a large flower order this year and hope to fill in the front altar as well as the area to the rear and above the sanctuary. We hope to raise sufficient funds to purchase these flowers and so would ask you to make a contribution with one of the EASTER FLOWER ENVELOPES which have been placed in the pews.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and we will celebrate our normal Mass Schedule. We will have a solemn entrance with the kids at the 10:00am Mass and they are invited to join us by the rectory garage for the procession of Palms. The Holy Thursday Mass is at 7:00pm, and the Good Friday Liturgy is at 3:00pm followed by the Easter Vigil at 7:00pm. Easter Masses are at 7:30am, 10:00am and 11:30am. There won’t be a Sunday 7pm Mass Easter Day.

Next Saturday I hope you will join our Missionaries (adults and children) by joining me at 8:45 at the rectory garage to join with other neighbors and community members as we participate in TOWN CLEAN UP DAY. We will have coffee and donuts and then will proceed out at 9:00 and work until 11:00am. This is a great day to work with others and make our town beautiful. I’ll join you!

Volunteers are needed to help us after the Good Friday Liturgy so that we can remove the purple sheers and replace them with yellow sheers. We also need crafters to help us by taking home one of the wreaths on the windows and dress them up for Easter. We want to decorate them for the windows for Easter. The wreaths can be picked up on Palm Sunday and returned no later than Good Friday. We would like to get them decorated with white flowers, blue hydrangeas, and other festive plastic flowers. We may even have a contest to see which one is the most festive. We do reserve the right to change the arrangement if this is liturgically necessary. Please call or speak with Catherine Rein to volunteer for this particular activity. Also removing all of those sheers from the windows and rear sanctuary is time consuming, we really need your help if we are going to transform the sacred space for a festive Easter celebration.

Save the date for the August 19th Mission Fundraiser at the Daniel Webster Estate.