Make sure to take time to check out Will Rein’s column this week as he speaks to the issue of “RESISTANCE.” This idea of how we resist what God wants for us, what he has in store for us, is an interesting story of how Adam ushered in an age of skepticism. Humanities relationship with God in the Western hemisphere might be characterized as skeptical and hesitant. In the Old Testament we see how the Jewish Kingdom was brought down by its own people’s lack of participation in the life of the Temple and synagogues, ironically during a time in which their country and people enjoyed great prosperity and peace. When they should have been worshiping, adoring and thanking the benevolence of their heavenly Father, they chose to retreat from that relationship, and ended up losing all they had. Despite their hard hearts God remained true to them and would again lift them from their sorrows and free them. Let me once again exhort everyone to take up their copy of “Resisting Happiness” and use it this week as a primer for the Easter Triduum. That said, Holy Week is upon us.

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday.

“Hosanna, Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.”

When we proclaim and sing ‘Hosanna’ we are offering our praise and worship to the risen Lord. This is the holiest week in the Liturgical year of the Church. I love, yes I really mean love, celebrating the various Liturgies that fall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Here is where I plead with you the faithful to attend Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Saturday’s Easter Vigil Mass. Yet as you read this I can almost feel the ‘RESISTANCE’ many pay to these words. When I was a kid my mom always made all her boys attend Good Friday Liturgy…honestly, none of us wanted to go…it was too long, and we had to participate in the Passion play twice in one week! As I grew older my mother didn’t have to ask me to attend, and when I moved out of my parents house I continued to attend Good Friday Liturgy. Even working full time in my business career, I always made provisions with my employer to be able to get out of the office in time for the 3:00pm Liturgy at Arch Street or the Prudential Center. Lest you think I was incredible pious, the truth is that Good Friday night often found me at the Eire Pub in Adams Village in Dorchester. But I did get the idea that to really proclaim the word ‘Hosanna to God in the Highest’ my actions had to reflect this act of worship, and setting time aside on Good Friday was necessary. I hope you might have or develop this same sense of devotion to participating in this Liturgy. If unable take time off please take time at 3:00pm to bow your head in silence, offer words of praise and thanks for Jesus’ suffering on the cross. Keep the fast on Good Friday and come visit the church sometime during the day.

Holy Week Services will begin Thursday evening at 7:00pm with the Mass of the Lord’s Last Supper, followed by Good Friday Liturgy at 3:00pm and a 7:00pm Easter Vigil Mass. Easter Sunday Masses are 7;30am, 10am and 11:30am. There will be no 7:00pm Mass this week.

So far we have raised $1500.00 for our Easter Flowers and hope to raise another $700.00 this weekend so that we can festively decorate the Church. We also need volunteers to help us decorate after the Good Friday
3:00 Liturgy (around 4:30 pm). Please volunteer.