Welcome to everyone who has joined us to celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord. As Easter falls a little bit later in the Spring season our grounds are a little prettier. We had the good fortune this past week, to have our landscapers on the property to undertake the Spring cleanup and mulching. We have also done our best to get the Koi pond ready for this Easter Celebration. Over the Lenten Season we have worked hard to provide a simple but beautiful backdrop to the Altar to enhance the season of repentance. This past Palm Sunday the Church was resplendent in decorations for the celebration of the Lord’s Journey to Jerusalem. With a dedicated staff we were able to decorate the windows and palm scenery with red sheers. We have also undertaken a great deal of work to provide decorations for the Feast of the Lord’s Last Supper as well as the Liturgy on Good Friday. We are blessed to have several folks who have assisted us in changing over all of the church decorations from Lent to Easter.

I hope everyone enjoys the warm atmosphere that this parish seeks to bring to the larger crowds that join us in prayer.

For those who are visiting today, I would like to introduce you to our CATHOLIC TRAVELING PRAYERS MINISTRY and our LIVE STREAMED SUNDAY 10AM MASS. Recently, a dear friend, someone who was like a 2nd mother to me, passed away from cancer. Her name was Helen Conti and she had a great deal of affection for me. During her illness I wasn’t able to visit as often as I wanted or as she desired, as she lived in Londonderry, New Hampshire. But I was able to be with her in her home every day via the Catholic Traveling Prayers Ministry. Let me explain. With the simple use of a an iPad, android or iPhone, or tablet, anyone is able to access either the parish website www.stanns.net or YouTube and access Father Carmichael’s Catholic Traveling Prayers, where you will be able to travel to various places in the country where I have prayed the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Novena or Angelus. Whether it is in the Boston Common as the SWAN BOATS paddle by, on the coast of Southern California, the falls and streams in Minnesota or the beaches in Marshfield and Scituate, or some other venue, someone who is in the hospital or infirmed can simply switch on their electronic device and watch me pray alongside some breathtaking scenery. Talk about a source to reduce anxiety and blood pressure. We have some folks who watch while they are cooking a meal or sitting on their porch. For those who are dying and appreciate the joy of praying, this is a great way to help them pray, especially in moments when they are physically unable to pray themselves. I hope you’ll check out the videos and share them with your friends, so that word might spread and this ministry might have a greater reach into the lives of those who are in need of prayer and divine sustenance.

I also want to share the exciting news of our Summer Seaside Mission Gala to benefit our parish’s MISSIONS WORK and the CONSTANZA MEDICAL MISSION. The date is Saturday evening, August 19th at the DANIEL WEBSTER HOUSE. We have already formed a committee and are in the planning stage of running this campaign. I would ask you to save the date, and keep this important fundraiser in your prayers. Happy Easter to everyone!