Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! One of my favorite Sundays of the whole year! I have a lot to cover in this column, so let’s get to it. I will begin with our April Mission trip to NJ! Next week I will have more info and details about how the trip went. We had Carolina Hill Saturday, Easter Sunday the next day, and then 24 hours later shipped off to NJ! We spent 5 days in NJ rehabbing houses affected by hurricane Sandy. I look forward to sharing the details of all of these service opportunities with you next week! Until then… Divine Mercy and this special feast.

I don’t know about you, but at least for me, the Year of Mercy got me really fired up about God’s mercy. So often we hear about God’s judgment, and his harshness. Sure God’s judgment is something we can’t ignore and is a reality. But as Fr. Gaitley and Saint John Paul II say, now is the time for MERCY. Looking at the world, the news and everything going on around us, mercy and hope are two themes that need to be communicated and shown! Luckily, through a friendship with Christ, Jesus wants to share His Mercy with us to share. Are you open to sharing it?

Before you share it though, you need to be open to receiving it yourself! Similar to the airplane, put on your oxygen mask before you help someone else. You need to be willing to receive mercy in your heart and life before you can give it. However, first we need to have a model of mercy… I’m sure you can think of at least one model in your life who has shown you, or shared mercy with you. Whether it be a parent, good friend or even complete stranger, I know we all have several examples. Just incase though you can’t think of any in your own life, thankfully God blessed us with the saints! We have plenty of models to follow and learn about.

After Grad School, I really can’t wait to dive deeper into the message of the Saints. There are many Mercy Saints; to name a few: St. Mother Teresa, St. Faustina and also St. Therese of Liseaux! St. Therese of Liseaux is the one I want to focus on today, the little child of mercy with her little way. I recently read a letter from her recently canonized mother Louise Martin to a family friend in 1877, talking about little Therese AT FOUR YEARS OLD. Just keep that in mind, Four. Years. Old. Here is an excerpt I just need to share with you:

I want to tell her that in a few years we will have a new novice, guess whom? … Mademoiselle Therese Martin! … These are the motives that guide her. Yesterday evening, she made her confession to me and it was enough to make me die laughing. “I will be a religious in a cloister because Celine (sister of Therese) wants to go there, and then also Pauline (other sister!) I must learn how to read to children, don’t you see?…. I will be Mother: I’ll walk all day in the cloister….. and then we’ll play in the sand and with our dolls…. I’ll pray to good Jesus. But what can I do to pray to Him… I don’t know, and who will show me since I’ll be Mother, Tell me!” I had a frightful desire to laugh. However, I remained serious….. all she was saying from the bottom of her heart, so much so that is it was impossible not to take any interest.

How beautiful is that? At FOUR. Wow. How can you become more childlike and bring more mercy into your life? Accept. Be Open. Share.