Forgiveness. I know I’ve talked about it a few times, but do you realize how big of a deal forgiveness is for the Gospel? Personally, I think it’s the hardest thing to do, because if we need to forgive, we can NOT do it on our own. The control freak that I am hates forgiveness sometimes. Forgiveness is 100% God and grace, and basically 0% us. If it’s 0% of our wants, and what we want to do, that’s when God can work and do incredible things.

I also found this quote by Dorothy Day that actually made me want to write this whole column. I cant stop thinking about it, it is bold and very true.

Servant of God, Dorothy Day said,

“I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least”.

Now let that sink in. How would you pass that test? I’m not so sure even how I would do. I hope you’re able to ponder over this quote in your heart because it is a special one. This highlights the strength of forgiveness to the Gospel message. At some point, we will be the prodigal son. We will run away from home and squander all the good at points in life, whether it is purposeful or accidental. On the other side of things, we will be the father in the prodigal son story at some point. You will need to lovingly accept someone else’s faults against you, and maybe even boldly offer forgiveness with joy and acceptance.

This week, let’s focus on the Dorothy Day quote above. “I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least”. Let that quote sink into your life, and let it make you a better version of yourself.

Also, if you’re looking for a great resource on forgiveness, Dynamic Catholic has a book called: ‘Everyone Needs To Forgive Somebody’ by Dr. Allen Hunt. It has some fantastic forgiveness stories and invites you to take part in the grace that comes through forgiveness. I highly recommend it! And you can get a free copy with $6 shipping on the Dynamic Catholic website. Again, I highly recommend it. I’d love to hear your forgiveness stories if you have any, please do share!

Also on this Mother’s Day, how have you seen your own mother model forgiveness? Or how have you seen other mothers model forgiveness? We all have our Mother Mary as our model in faith as well, just think of how many times Mary had to forgive. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, thank you for all you do!