Hey, do you like skylights? I hope so because pretty soon we will have two in the front and back of the church. Yup. Have you noticed the two areas where the plaster has or is about to fall from the ceiling? We have tried everything to patch this up, but the time has come for us to realize that we need to replace the roof. The last few week’s rain storms have resulted in a unique problem. On the Brant Rock side of the roof, the shingles are scalloping on the top (which is rare) and thus lifting and letting water pour into the attic. This explains the areas on that side where the paint or plaster has come or is coming loose. The initial estimates of the work are between $120-140K, but that amount can increase or decrease somewhat depending on the scope of the work. Obviously this is an initial cost estimate and we will have actual numbers in the coming months. I have spoken to the Finance Council and we have agreed that this year’s Grand Annual will be earmarked for this work. I will keep you informed on this matter.

Now that Spring has arrived we have been busy doing a lot of detail work you won’t notice right off the bat:

During Lent I removed the picture over the choir loft and sent it out to be cleaned. The restorer indicated it was quite dirty, which resulted from the use of incense. The outside frame itself was regilded. We left the interior matting and edging in their original condition. This painting is a true treasure that we often overlook as we exit the front doors of the church. Let me explain. When we listen to sacred music, and often times the old Latin hymns such as ‘Venie Sancte Spiritus’ (sung on Holy Thursday night), we are moved with emotion and for some to a deeper level of an encounter with God. When this happens the music glorifies God and serves its purpose. Much the same is true of art, it can transcend space and time, and draw us into a similar encounter.

This painting is a treasure and one we overlook, but having said that I hope many of you take the time, either before or after Mass, to gaze upon this transcendent work of art, and allow yourselves time to experience the mystery that is depicted in this piece of art.

We have made repairs to the door frame on the parking lot side, and have ordered a new door for the Brant Rock side, at an estimated cost of $3,000.00. We hope to replace the other two side exterior doors next year. They are expensive given the hardware, but provide greater security and will control the doors from swinging open suddenly during storms. We have repaired and sealed the flashing above the rectory door, which has been the cause of serious leaks. We scraped and painted the areas by the restroom hallway and the area in the family room. Lastly we have repaired half of the interior housing of the windows where the sashes operate to lift and pull down the bottom windows. The Brant Rock side will be repaired in the coming weeks. All of this work is funded by last year’s Grand Annual fund. Thanks to all those who contributed to last year’s campaign.

Thanks for your generosity with the Society of St James and kindness to Fr. Wendell Verrill. He loved the way the back of sanctuary was lit up, and said he enjoyed the family atmosphere and the welcome you afforded at each Mass. Your warm welcome pleases God so much!HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!