Next weekend begins the unofficial start of summer, which of course means, our Saturday Vigil Mass moves to 5:00PM next weekend. This also means that the Sacrament of Confession will be moved to 4:00pm. I would ask everyone to make note of this on your calendars so that we might avoid any inconvenience. The Vigil Mass remains at 5pm throughout and including the Labor Day Weekend. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I am excited to be welcoming our summer residents back.

One of them has been after me for the past few years to fix the windows in the main church. I am happy to report that Tom Burke had a crew of men come in and overhaul the windows. The day they completed the work, I ended the evening by praying the rosary thanking God for Tom Burke. Tom does a lot of work on the property that most folks are not aware of, and is presently helping me with getting bids to replace the church roof. This past winter he has regularly visited the attic of the church to inspect new and existing leaks and to empty the rain buckets; he also spends a good amount of time pouring over (pun intended) the existing roof specs and researching the newest design tech for commercial roofs like this church. He will soon oversee the replacement of the door on the Brant Rock side with one which will provide greater insulation factors, is cosmetically nicer, and which will offer greater security.

This weekend Father Tom Walsh, Pastor of St. Christine’s parish will celebrate his 50th Anniversary of Ordination, his Golden Jubilee, at the 11:30 Mass in his parish. What a wonderful priest! Fr. Walsh ministered to my grandmother when he was pastor of her Church at St Ann’s in Neponset, and in fact presided over her Funeral Mass. The folks in Neponset loved him and they will often remark how he was always attending every activity in their neighborhood. I admired him back then some thirty years ago and will always appreciate the countless kindnesses he visited upon her, my other family members, as well as my many friends in that parish. I am pleased to let you know that he has agreed to remain at St. Christine’s for another year, beyond the mandatory retirement age of the Archdiocese. Ad multos annos!

We were blessed a few weeks ago to have members of the 2017 Marshfield High Senior Class volunteer a day of work here at the parish. For the past five years we have been fortunate to have a group of seniors come to the parish and volunteer a day of service work. This year the five teens washed and polished the pews in the church and chapel and assisted myself and Catherine Rein in doing the spring clean up work in the garage.

Take some time today to go and visit the Koi Pond. I want to remind everyone of our newest ministry. “Ministry of the Rocks.” One of our parishioners has turned her tragedy into a way to glorify God. She lost her baby, whose name was Ambrose, and chose to remember him by painting rocks with inspirational messages, some including scripture verses, and then placed them along the seawall entrance to the beach. As she is a parishioner, I asked her to donate some of these rocks and place them around the Koi Pond. If you’d like one of these rocks please feel free to take it with you. What a great way to glorify God in the Highest!