Happy Pentecost! I’m sure we can all understand in some way what the disciples felt staying in that room and waiting for God’s perfect timing. God works in His own way, which is often very different than our own. Then don’t get me started about God’s timing… I will say he certainly knows best, but trusting and waiting patiently are two very challenging attributes.

How are you open to the Holy Spirit’s movements in your own life? Does the Holy Spirit have room to operate? And an even better question: How available are you to God?

One way to be available to God is to serve the poor, on God’s time.

When you run into a homeless person, or into a situation when you can serve the poor, almost always it is going to catch you off guard. It will be at the worse time, when you are in a rush and don’t feel like acting on it, in any way. I have an idea for even in this moment, how to serve… even when you may not be ready in the moment. A couple of weeks ago, I found a new way to serve the poor, and to be ready in the moment.

One weekday night, I met a friend for dinner near Plymouth Harbor. Beautiful area, and we decided to take a walk along the waterfront. Not exactly where you think you’ll find a person who is poor right? Here I was, not ready or expecting it.

Anyway, we continued to walk around this beautiful area of Plymouth when my friend started to take a different route than myself. I didn’t think much of it, and continued to walk forward enjoying a nice sunny day. He ended up meeting a woman who was on a bench near one of the nicer churches in the area. He pulled out his wallet and gave her a gift card! (A creative idea!). I met him and asked her name, so I could pray for her personally. She was a nice woman, and by her smile you would have thought we gave her a million dollars. As we continued on, I asked my friend about the gift card. He said he keeps 5+ gift cards in his wallet to Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, etc. for moments when he encounters someone in need. At that moment, he takes the $15 gift card and gives it to them offering them up in prayer as well.

How beautiful of a witness to serving the poor! So I invite you, will you be open to buying, in advance, some gift cards for the poor? If so, you may just receive the million dollar smile.