Three weeks ago I had the blessing of attending a Dynamic Catholic event in Hingham. There were so many words of wisdom on this great day, so I did want to share some of the insights I received!

The theme of the day was: ‘Finding Your Greatness,’ and the speaker for the day was Dr. Allen Hunt. He really was an incredibly humble man of God. I recommend reading several of his books, including; ‘Everyone Needs to Forgive Somebody,’ and ‘Life’s Greatest Lesson’ to name a few!

Dynamic Catholic, through years of research, has come up with 4 habits that will transform your life (based off of the book, 4 Signs of a Dynamic Catholic). I know the first habit will really surprise you: love God. A real shocker, I know. Allen Hunt gave the great example of FaceTime. I know of many people who use FaceTime to talk with their loved ones, children and grandchildren from close or far off distances. (FaceTime is a bit of technology that allows someone to video calls and talk with someone “face to face” through technology). He spoke of how great it was that his grandchildren could communicate with their father who is currently overseas serving in the Army. Through FaceTime, the children were able to see and communicate with their father who was away for an extended period of time.

He related this to prayer, and said that we too should have plenty of face time with Jesus, to keep us spiritually nourished and well fed, emotionally and spiritually.

Without face time or prayer time with Jesus, we cannot have a spiritual life. We need 3 things, a time (a.m, p.m. etc), a place (without technology!) and a structure (prayers, rosary, to calm down senses/anxiety)

The second opportunity to love God is through study. Allen Hunt gave some interesting statistics about reading just even 5 pages a day. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, 5 pages a day. But if you multiply that times 365 days a year, it comes out to about 1,800 pages a year! Crazy. Want to know how many books that is? An avg book is about 186 pages, which means at 5 pgs a day, you will read over 10 good books a year. He related studying to be like going to a unexplored area in the forest: you go and get a map first. In the same way, reading about the saints, their lives and other people’s life journeys (maps), we look back to those who have studied and been there before.

Next week I will go over the next pillar to becoming the best person you can be: loving people! (get excited)