This week, the second pillar in building life changing habits is ‘Loving people’. Dr. Allen Hunt shared some more statistics about the world’s resources, which I wanted to share with you. Did you know, that only 6% of the world’s population holds over 50% of the world’s wealth. Catholics, as a whole, gave only 1.7% of their income to charity, whereas on average Baptists gave 4%.

Jesus continually states that the greatest competitor for your heart is worldly things and money. Why? Because Jesus knows something that we often forget (I know I do!): Your Heart follows your Money.

“For where your treasure is, there also your heart will be”

(Matthew 6:21). God owns everything in the world; He created it all. However, the one area that God does not have is your heart (spiritual core). Jesus really wants our heart more than our money.

The third pillar is evangelization. This term in itself is a loaded term with a lot of negative connotation. What is meant here, is being a personal and bold witness of the Gospel in a world of comfort. The first step we talked about last week is prayer. Prayer can often be shared through various resources, including books, CD’s and many other formats (most offered through Dynamic Catholic, and even better for free!). Sharing these resources can change a person’s life, and chart a new course! Evangelization begins with prayer and is frequently shared by CD’s, books and resources, which can lead to life changing conversion. Fill in the blanks: The more ________ you give, the more _______ you will receive. Jesus works in a paradox: if you want to receive something, you first need to give it. Our culture says the opposite: if you want something, buy it, and keep it to yourself, oh and by the way, don’t share it.

We underestimate the power even just one small conversation can have. When we are available to God in prayer, study and evangelization, God will use us to make beauty, even sometimes out of darkness.

Are you open to finding your greatness

? Are you willing to let God in and make something beautiful out of your life? Let Him in, He won’t let you down.