Join me in congratulating this year’s winners of the Father Patrick J. Gilmore Scholarship: Nicole Dimitri, Jessica Presley, Dan Lonergan and Frank Novak. The scholarship was named in honor of a previous pastor, recognizing high school graduates who have displayed a devotion to the Eucharist as evidenced by their regular participation in Sunday Mass and through their apostolic (service) work to the parish and local community.

I have been blessed to know each of the teens for much of their lives and have watched them grow into leaders who through their example have solidly evangelized the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Each of the recipients will receive a check for $500.00 made out to their college upon the completion of their first semester. I’m happy that this year we have had to award 4 scholarships given the growing number of teens who have benefited from our approach in faith formation to center their lives around the Eucharist.

I know many are anxious to see their MEMORIAL TILES set in front of the Blessed Mother grotto. I am working with Tom Burke to have that accomplished. We are putting together a sketch this coming week, and will be setting the tiles soon thereafter. Once they have been set you will notice that the area will be half covered. Once you see how beautiful they look I am sure you will want to purchase one for a loved one, or for your family members who are with us today. The cost of an 8”x8” tile is $300.00 or 4”x8” is $200.00 or 4”x4” is $100.00. Forms can be found at each of the church entrances. The sooner we sell out on the remaining tiles, the sooner we will have them placed. As soon as we get a big batch of orders we will have them inscribed and set on the grotto foundation.

Our MISSIONARIES will be selling LOADED TURKEY SANDWICHES with chips and a drink, after each of the Masses. The funds will support the Chicago service trip.

Over the course of the next year we will be taking care of several projects. The flagpole will be fixed in the coming weeks, and we are replacing the two lampposts in front of the rectory and parish hall with industrial posts, which we will place on top of concrete pads. We’ve put the roof out to bid. I’ll keep you informed on the status of the work.

Upon reading last week’s bulletin, Fr. Paul Aveni, noticed that I had referred to him as being ‘Pastor’ of Our Lady of the Assumption Church, and asked that I clarify his actual position at OLA. Fr. Aveni has been the ‘Administrator’ and has been careful to make that distinction with his parishioners. He is a great priest and very thoughtful shepherd to all those he ministers, and a friend!

You may have noticed that the plaster from the ceiling has been bubbling in the rear Brant Rock side of the church. We have to replace the roof this fall, and we have no choice in this matter. This year’s GRAND ANNUAL will be allocated to the projected $90-100K cost of a new roof. We have much to do over the course of the next 11 months! Please offer a prayer or two!