I know it’s technically July 1st/2nd, but in all honesty, we all know it’s July 3rd weekend (at least in Marshfield!). So happy July 3rd weekend, and this weekend we are blessed with a representative from Rostro De Cristo, an organization doing great advocacy for the people of Duran Ecuador. I had the blessing of attending a mission to Ecuador in November 2014, and it changed my life (and I don’t mean that lightly!). My trip to the Mount Sinai region of Ecuador might just be both my favorite and most impactful trip I’ve been on. Please support this great organization, and I thank you in advance!

I saw this quote recently and wanted to share it with you: “Love turns work into rest” ~ St Theresa of Avila. On this July 3rd weekend, I want to talk about worry. Do you worry? How frequently and to what degree? Unfortunately our culture promotes a do-ing atmosphere that touts working, constantly, without rest, daily. I know when I go from one thing, to another, to another, worry creeps in very quickly. When I worry, I think of tomorrow, next week and the future. This future minded thinking pushes me to more anxiety and worry, and tends to consume me emotionally and spiritually very quickly.

Then, I realized God gently calls us beyond worry.

You can build your foundation on worry and anxiety, or you can build your thoughts and heart on present minded thinking. We are called to solve the problems that are on our plate TODAY. The what ifs about tomorrow and the future are meant to be left in God’s hands. After we solve our daily challenges, we are called to take a step back and let God do his thing. This takes A LOT of practice, and even now I am not very good at it. I do know that when I do let God have his portion of all the issues on my mind, I find myself more at peace and with joy, rather than worry and anxiety. God has a long history of assisting people and following through with his promises. Don’t think for a second that you will be the first exception!

I heard another quote that said: “I tell you that you have less to suffer following the cross than in serving the world and it’s pleasures” ~ St. John Vianney. Choose to build on the present moment and on God’s promises, I promise God’s peace and joy are worth the extra effort.