This weekend we will have a member from one of our mission affiliates speaking at each Mass. The Second Collection will be earmarked for this organization and the important work they undertake in the slums of Ecuador. This group also brings BC High and college students down to Ecuador to the poor areas of this country in order that they might have a better sense of how they can use the gifts God has given them to bring the gospel to the poor and needy of this world. We also send adult missionaries from our parish down to Ecuador so they too might develop a better understanding sense of our Universal Church.

We continue to work on beautifying the church property: In the koi pond we are working with our vendor to get a stronger water pump. We have lost about 8 fish over the past weeks, and are in the process of replacing them. We need volunteers. Do you have time? Can you help us with weeding? There are other areas around the property that are in need of help. Catherine and I have been undertaking some of this work, but let us know if you can help. Also I need to get a few men to help me dig up the flagpole by the chapel and dig a deeper hole; the existing hole is not deep enough to handle the increased winds. If you can help this coming Saturday afternoon, please let me know.

We kickoff the GRAND ANNUAL CAMPAIGN next weekend.

This year the entire proceeds will be directed to the replacement of the roof system on the Church and Rectory. We are still assembling estimates and will take the next step to work with the Archdiocese to get an approval to do this work. The cost of the project will range between $90K—$110K….we will know better when we remove the shingles and see whether we need to replace the boards underneath. Each family is asked to make a contribution of $300.00 which can be made all at once or over four monthly installments. This is an expensive job and something which everyone who attends Mass here benefits; in fairness everyone should make some special gift. I realize we have a lot of people from out of town who enjoy our Sunday 7:00pm Mass and thus enjoy the benefits of a dry Church to attend. I am asking them to seriously and prayerfully consider making a contribution of $100.00 in order that they too might help us in this extraordinary expense.

Thanks to all those who purchased a Turkey Sandwich last week, we raised $1200.00 for our Mission work. I hope everyone enjoys the fireworks on Monday night and enjoy a safe and Happy Independence Day. In order that the staff might enjoy this week, we are running the parish office on a lighter staff, and thus I have chosen to close the office for the week. I hope to see you at the fireworks and the next day on the beach. Peace.