Next Tuesday to Friday morning, July 18- through the 21st from 8:30am to 11:30am, I will have the privilege of accompanying a wonderful group of young children, teenagers and adults, who volunteer each year and participate in the St. Ann by the Sea Vacation Bible School. The school’s theme this year is: AROUND THE WORLD WITH THE SAINTS: SUPER HEROES OF FAITH ~HOPE ~LOVE~. , The week will have emphasis on prayer, especially the ‘Our Father’, the Rosary, and worship by means of music and singing, that will assist the children and volunteers to see the world as Jesus did. God has gifted us with the saints who worked tirelessly to see people and handle situations as Jesus would. We will introduced to the children, our first responders, our local heroes the Police and the Fire Department, as a way to demonstrate to the children all the qualities of selfless service to the community. We will travel all around the world as missionaries visiting places such as USA/Canada, Mexico, Africa, France, Korea, Poland and Russia.

Knowing that God listened to His heart, Jesus taught us that when we pray, we don’t have to say many things; we don’t have to have long discussions with God. They aren’t needed. What we need to do, however, is really open our hearts to Him. We must open our hearts just as they are. Then God can listen to what we have in our hearts and then Jesus, because he is God, is near to every person and listens to everyone because he is God. When we listen, we walk with others, our hearts are open, we emulate God “on earth as it is in heaven.”

We SEE the goodness in the world as the saints did, knowing that in conversation with God we have hope that something good will come out of everything we do and encounter.

Our parish is blessed and another piece of heaven will be brought to our parish that week by means of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as the saints, our volunteers, first responders and all who participate in this year’s vacation bible school. We have so much to be grateful for, but most especially for those people who God has given us to walk with along The Way! God bless America.