I want to thank everyone who attended my Ordination Anniversary Mass and the coffee and donut social afterward. It was nice to have my parish family with me on this occasion as well as a special treat to have my parents and brother Tom and sister-in-law Janet. My happiest years have been at this parish. At the Mass the communion meditation hymn was Juravit, which is an old classical hymn set in Latin, and speaks of the eternal priesthood of Christ. This hymn was a favorite of my mentor, Fr. John Crispo, and was sung at my first Mass, albeit in English. I recall that First Mass, on Pentecost Sunday no less, the birthday of the Church, and how nervous Fr. Crispo and his assistant, Fr. Buckley were when I celebrated the Mass. It will always remain with me, the love these two older priests (then in their mid seventies) had for me; both a brotherly and fatherly love. Both men are now in Heaven and as I celebrate Mass they are with me, as Heaven and Earth unites in this deep and ancient paschal feast.

When I retire, I’ll bring that 1st mass and 20th Anniversary Mass with me, filled with happy memories and good laughs.

Thanks for inviting me into your lives!

As many of you know I stay up at night worrying about the potential for two or more new skylights in the church. I am happy to report that several people have made GRAND ANNUAL PLEDGES of $500.00 along with the other pledges we have been receiving in the mail and offertory collection. Today I opened a letter from one of our summer residents with a kind note about marking my 20th Anniversary along with a check for the parish in the amount of five thousand dollars! What a blessing! We are continuing to solicit bids for the roof and are working with the archdiocese to ensure that the roof is replaced this fall. If you have not made a pledge yet, I’d appreciate if you could do so very soon, in order that we might begin the process of signing contracts and scheduling the work. Obviously this is a very important project, and because the cost will exceed our normal goal of $70K, I really need summer residents, snow birds and year round residents to make some donation for this critical project.

Now with respect to the appointment of a pastor for the Marshfield Collaborative, I’ve been told that the deadline for priests to submit their names for consideration is the end of October. An educated guess tells me that we will not know who the new pastor is until January or February. Let’s enjoy the summer and revisit this process in the fall.

Please join me after the Vigil Mass for our annual Irish Night Concert with Joe Kodzis and the Celtic K’s. The program will begin at 5:45 and run for an hour. Hope to see you there.

Next weekend the Missionaries are holding their annual LOBSTER ROLL FUNDRAISER. The cost of the rolls are $20.00 and include a snack. The proceeds will go toward expenses for the Chicago trip and the Spring trip to Long Branch New Jersey. Thanks to the Marshfield Commercial Fisherman’s Assoc. for donating the lobsters. Come join me today at 1:00 at the Town Pier for the Blessing of the Fleet. Hope to see you at the beach!