In Will Rein’s ‘Going beyond’ Mission column, he quotes Pope Francis,

“Only by educating people to a true solidarity will we be able to overcome the ‘culture of waste’ beyond just food and goods, but first the people cast aside by economic systems, which puts products at their core, instead of the people.”

While in High School I had to take a bus through part of the People’s Republic of Cambridge to get to school. Through the windows of this bus I was introduced to progressive thought; what I once scorned in youth, I admire in memory. The citizens of Cambridge introduced me to Earth Day and to respect the environment by recycling and conservation. As a middle age man quickly approaching senior age, I have come to see the need to better steward the earth. Today we recycle much, drive better economy cars, pay closer attention to how much food we waste and how much energy we consume. As Christians we want to leave our world a better place. We should care for one another and for those who will succeed us, both here and abroad. I have worked with my staff to promote various initiatives to this end. Taking up Francis’ call to promote the interest of others cast off by our culture of waste, those in the lower social economic class who have been cast aside as worthless (think of the manufacturing sector), as we embrace the poor and strive to come to their aid. As you know we are holding the St. Ann by the Sea Seaside Gala on Saturday evening August 19th from 7-10pm at the Daniel Webster Estate. The proceeds of the night are being split between our parish missions programs and the Constanza Medical Mission for which I am on the Board of Directors and their Spiritual Director. Your support of this event is going to effect the lives of hundreds of youth in Marshfield and thousands of poverty stricken farmers in the mountainous area of the Constanza section of the Dominican Republic. Let me explain.
Half of the money will be deposited into our Youth & Adult Missionary Savings account. So far we have sent teenagers and adults to central and South America (Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua) and North America (Chicago, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts). We have also had our Mission Director travel to Brazil for World Youth Day, and he, our pastoral associate and a group of teens headed to World Youth Day in Poland (a first for our parish). The pastoral vision for this parish has been for us to become immersed in working with the poor and also developing a better sense of what the local and universal Church is about. Our youth now grow up in a Global economy and unless they are exposed to opportunities to travel at an early age they will start college behind their peers. If they are exposed to the needs of others, to the societies and values of other foreign countries, the greater they will be to “overcome this culture of waste.” Come June of next year the 3 Marshfield Parishes will become one collaborative and forge one pastoral vision; it’s my hope that what we have begun here in developing a universal vision of our church and a love for the poor will carry over to the other two parishes. The parish has also been blessed, as I was with the opportunity to become a member of the Constanza Medical Mission (CMM). I traveled to Constanza last May and will return this November and how my heart yearns to promote a better quality of health care to the lives of these simple and beautiful mountainous people; how pleased I am to travel with medical professionals whose hearts also yearn to help those in need. Imagine, the funds we raise will provide medicine, equipment and care to the medical needs of the poor in this village. You can help by purchasing tickets to this fundraiser! Your support of these events is crucial to the parish’s efforts for its youth as well as its efforts to help CMM take care of the folks who this world has forgotten. Purchase tickets after Mass or online at Please do so today. God Bless You!