Hello everyone! As a Pro-Baby community, I wanted to share with you this story I heard in the news, because I do think it is an important one. I can’t believe I just heard about it.

But most importantly, I think it has major ramifications moving forward, and I do think it is important to know about it.

Last month, a beautiful baby, Charlie Gard was born on August 4th, 2016, seemingly healthy. The parents were celebrating his birth into this world, and continued to do so, even though Charlie’s health started to decline a few months after his birth. One month after he was born, Charlie was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, one that would likely end in his death. After 10 months, the baby boy came under the international spotlight. However, his parents learned of a possible treatment in America and were able to raise nearly $2 million dollars in order to get Charlie the care he needed. The doctor, Michio Hirano of New York’s Columbia University Medical Center, specializes in treating the rare condition that Charlie had. The parents were willing to go through with the treatment, along with the generosity of millions of people donating to save their son’s life. However, even with the money raised, the hospital decided to deny Charlie the opportunity to seek out treatment. The hospital brought the case to court. A high court in the UK upheld the hospital’s decision, and was also backed by the British Supreme Court. The case was renewed when the Doctor from New York himself testified. He said, the treatment had been used only on a select few patients, and at best the treatment would offer, at best, a 50% chance of living.

They were blindsided when the staff at the hospital wouldn’t let them take their son. After months of battles in the British High Court, Charlie’s parents only have one option–to let their son “die with dignity.” Unfortunately, due to the length of the court battle, Charlie’s condition deteriorated to the point where his parents chose to enjoy their last moments with their baby boy. Charlie passed away last week just before his first birthday. This issue combines both assisted suicide and pro-life issues, and it is an issue I thought you deserve to know about!

Please keep Charlie Gard and his family in your prayers. I also ask that you keep our country in your prayers, that we may build on the importance of life, from conception to natural death.