This week, I am happy to announce I will be accompanying our Mission Director, Will Rein and high school age missionaries to a social justice mission trip in Chicago Illinois. We will be staying at The Darst Center, a social justice education center located on the Southside of Chicago, in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Founded in 2002 as a ministry of the De LaSalle Christian Brothers, the Darst Center provides opportunities for youth and young adults to see more clearly the faces pushed to the margins of our society. In addition to gaining greater awareness of others, our missionaries will be challenged to respond to the many needs of our world as discovered and explored through Darst Center programs.

The trips vision and hope is that through participation in the Darst Center programs, these young teens will feel inspired to respond to the many needs of the world around them.

David Darst, a Christian Brother and teacher at Bishop Rummel High School in Omaha, was challenged by his students to recognize the civil and social events that were transforming US society in the 1960s. He became a peace activist and author on social and political justice. He died in an automobile crash near Auburn, Nebraska in 1969 at the age of 27. The Darst Center is dedicated to his memory, and has adopted his process of personal transformation; to know the work through the eyes of young people and the Gospel.

Our weeklong service learning sites will lead us to build relationships with men experiencing homelessness, and participate in setup and distribution at the local food pantry. We will take part in restorative justice and peace circles, speak to men who have been incarcerated and are attending a post incarceration program, as well as, partner reading with economically challenged and underserved middle school students who are receiving a Christian education. As always I ask for your prayers as you may be assured of ours.