I love the summer for more than just the sun and weather; I love the joyfulness and liveliness from the pews. It’s always hard to say goodbye to summer for most of us, though I suspect for the college population it is easy as they are able to break free of the parents and return to their friends. This weekend we will begin saying goodbye to our college age parishioners, and I want to thank them for the happiness they have given me seeing them worshiping God in Mass. I hope each of you know how much happiness your smiles bring to older generations, and be sure to disguise the smile as you’re departing your home for college!

I want to remind folks at the Vigil Mass that tonight we hold our SEASIDE GALA at the Webster House from 7:00-10:00pm. Tickets are $50.00 and will be sold at the event. This should be a great deal of fun and I hope you join us as we help support the needs of the poor both in our country and in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. If you are unable to join us might I ask the favor of your prayers for the event.

As we continue to receive GRAND ANNUAL PLEDGES and payments we are able to begin some small projects on the property. The funds for these smaller projects come from the Building and Renovation Collection and other fundraising. We just spent a thousand dollars on aerating and seeding the lawns as well as purchasing a tree and flowers for the exterior of the church, rectory and parish hall. About a year ago we had to remove an old monkey tree from in front of the parish hall, but I am happy to tell you I purchased a pear tree. This past week I and a volunteer dug a hole and planted the tree, though a few feet over from the original tree, as we had to be clear of power lines. We also removed several large juniper spruce and replaced them with Japanese trees, which when mature will fill out the area by the church sign. I also purchased several hydrangeas, at 50% off, for areas by the sign and in front of the rectory and by the parish hall. We also had to hire Hubbard Plumbing to replace three of the exterior water spouts. In a few weeks we will replace the distressed side door by the handicap ramp. We have also ordered doors for the koi pond side and chapel street door. I feel bad that we do the work toward the end of August -September, just as many of you who support these works, have to depart. We have the roof out for bids and have received several. I hope to have this project completed in October. We are waiting for the painters to come to the property and begin fixing the ceiling. As you can see we are doing a great deal of work, and the major expense will be the roof, and so I would again like to ask our summerresidents and snowbirds to consider making a GRAND ANNUAL PLEDGE. We all enjoy the dry benches whether we are here the full year or some part thereof, and we want to avoid natural skylights. I want to thank everyone who has made a pledge, and it has been so helpful to see many folks make pledges of $500.00. Whatever pledge you make will bring us closer to the $90,000 we need to replace the roof. This week we will total the pledges so far and I’ll report back.

I’m happy to inform everyone that we have finally installed the tiles on the base of the BLESSED MOTHER GROTTO! I have also relocated the plants that obscured the base of the grotto. In the future we’ll plant petunias and other low lying flowers to enhance the grotto. I have enclosed an order form in this bulletin in case you want to have a brick inscribed for your family or a loved one. We have room for 16 more 8×8 tiles and smaller amounts for 4×8 and 4×4. I’d like to push folks to get the remaining inscribed so that we can order them in the next 3 weeks and have them placed by the end of September. If you would like to purchase a brick for the koi pond please indicate on the order form ($200.00 for two line brick and $300 for a double four line brick).