We finally set the tiles in front of the Blessed Mother Grotto. We have 20 spaces left for 8”x 8”($300) tiles, of which 8 have been reserved, leaving a total available of 12 tiles, we also have 14
4’x4’ ($200) tiles and 4 4”x8” ($100.00) tiles left. I will be placing another order just after Labor Day Weekend and I can promise they will be set by Columbus Day. Honestly folks, once they are all purchased there will not be an opportunity to remember your loved one on this Grotto. Thanks.

Next week’s Vigil Mass remains at 5:00pm, but changes back to 4:00pm the Saturday after Labor Day. Please make note of this in your calendar. Next weekend we celebrate LABOR DAY with our summer residents send off. We will have Pizza after the Vigil Mass between 5:30-6:00. On Sunday we will have cold pizza, donuts and coffee after the 7:30am Mass, coffee and donuts, slush and Hoodsies after the 10:00am Mass, Hot dogs and buns after the 11:30am Mass and we will close out the weekend at the 7:00pm Mass with Pizza. The PARISH OFFICE will be CLOSED a week from Monday in observance of LABOR DAY. The office will reopen Tuesday morning at 9:00am.

I want to thank everyone who purchased tickets for the Seaside Gala, and to those who made a financial contribution or donated a raffle or auction item. I was overwhelmed at one point when I looked out from a crowded House to look inside the tent and see it full with people. Iimagine we must have had 250 people at the event.

We are blessed to have our summer residents. I have said this time and again and they continue to demonstrated a great love for this parish in the generosity of the offertory as well as helping us out with Grand Annual contributions for the roof.

Thanks to all of our summer family members for all that you do for this seaside church, I assure you of our prayers as you return to your year round homes. I hope when you return next summer you will enjoy the protection of a new roof.