Today I want to introduce to you a few exercises that have been beneficial for me in my prayer life. The first is writing letters! A lost art. Good old snail mail! Do you still use the mailing system to send messages or greetings? I’m thankful to say I still do, yes one of the few millennial who chooses to put his (bad) handwriting onto paper and send it out. Now, this next idea might sound fairly crazy to you:

Have you ever written a letter to God?

Yes, I’m serious! This exercise has been a very popular retreat activity back at college. Those running the retreat would offer time to write a letter, and then would send it about 6 months later so you could reread it. Although we may not be in college, I highly encourage it! It is a great way to put prayer into action, and I know it helps me to know I’m actually conversing with God in prayer. Now, I’m sure there’s a million questions in your head: What do I talk about? How long does it have to be? What topics can I include? etc… There is no wrong way to do it, just like there is no “right” way to pray. Just be yourself! You can do something like this, I’ll even write one for you!

Dear God,
I just want to send an extra gift of gratefulness to you for all that you do for me. In a particular way, I want to thank you for the beauty of fall, the changing leaves, the cooling temperatures and for your beautiful nature that surrounds us everyday. Please pray for my brother because he is crazy. Oops, I meant to say please pray for him in his studies. I also ask for extra prayers of peace and comfort for those effected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, and their loved ones. I also ask that you pray for all young adults currently trying to live out their vocations and missions with uncertainty in a growing secular culture. Lastly, I ask for prayers for two people who I have been asked to pray for, Mark and the obstacles he has to face, and also for John’s health and his family. Amen. Also Lord, even though you probably laugh at prayers like these, I pray for a great upcoming hockey season and long Red Sox playoff run.
Love, a sports fan in Boston, Will

Again just be yourself! I also wanted to share along another activity that I came upon that I thought might also help you in your prayer life. If you met Jesus walking on Ocean St, what would he say to you? What would he say about your worries, plans and things happening in your life? Here is my mission invitation for the week: Write a letter FROM God, to YOU! I pray both of these exercises bring you peace and help deepen your prayer life.

To going beyond,
Will Rein
Your Mission Director