Over the past few months a few people have come to me and shared rumors concerning the future of our parish. Honestly, we would not be undertaking so much work on the interior and exterior of the property if there was any such question. What I can share with you is that I have a meeting later this week with the other pastors in Marshfield along with officials from the Office of Pastoral Planning concerning the possibility of St Christine’s Parish becoming a stand alone. I will let you know what comes from that meeting when I am informed. Next week I am required to provide the planning office with a profile of the parish, coupled with a personal letter to the Cardinal providing my resignation as pastor of St. Ann by the Sea (as required under the terms of the planning process). The resignation will be effective at anytime of the Cardinal’s choosing or by June 1, 2018 when the Marshfield Collaborative forms. I expect that we will learn the name of the new pastor come late winter. This guess is based upon previous phase announcements.

I have loved every minute of the ten years I have been with you, and have enjoyed all the work we have undertaken to rebuild this parish.

Also, honestly, I am running out of jokes and funny stories! For the past two years I have suspected there would be a day when I would have to move on, and have been preparing for the introduction of a new pastor since then. There still remains much more work I would like to undertake, and would ask your continued support. Let us take the time we have together to ensure the new pastoral staff has the smoothest transition into this new collaborative process of ministry. We have much work and many other projects to undertake in the next eight months. This past week we raised an additional $4731.00 for this year’s GRAND ANNUAL, which means we only need an additional $5,000.00 to reach our goal in covering the costs for the new roof. I want to thank everyone who has brought us to this point. I hope in the coming weeks we will be able to reach our goal and award the contract for the new roof. While they are completing this work we will undertake additional work on the exterior front fascia boards. I am also planning on addressing the lighting above the front entrance to the church. The Grotto tiles have been sold out (THANK YOU!) and the tile engraver has ensured me we will be able to pick them up in time for the Columbus Day deadline. I am also working to upgrade our audio system with new wiring and updated wireless technology. I have also received estimates to clean the pews and replace the coverings on the kneelers. There is much to do these next eight months, so let’s take this time to ensure a long future for this beautiful family based parish. All three parishes have great pastoral staffs, and they too have to say goodbye to two outstanding priests. Father Tom Walsh, who just celebrated 50 years of Ordination, had provided St Christine’s with 15 years of great pastoral leadership. Father Paul Aveni, Administrator at Our Lady of the Assumption, is a friend, schoolmate, and has worked tirelessly over his past three years in Green Harbor. Let us pray for them, and for the new priest the Archdiocese chooses to lead this new collaborative. Let’s remember not to live in fear, but to grow in hope, for great blessings continue to shower our parish with God’s divine favor