Very often while I am talking with people from all walks of life, of varying ages and careers, our discussions lead to this common question: What is my vocation? Many times I find myself asking a similar question: Jesus, what do you want me to do in my life? Who do you want me to be? I have an easy time asking the question, but a harder time listening to what God is communicating to me about my life. But I have recently found a few resources that have helped with this question, and the answer is actually a lot simpler than I thought.

What is God’s will for my life and for your life? For everyone, it is simply this:

God’s will is for us to love.

You know what my follow up question to God is: “And? I have tried but it is not easy. ” However, it really is supposed to be that simple. Living that simple phrase, God’s will is for you to love, is to strive for sainthood and be blessed with the opportunity to attain heaven. Start and think small though! God’s plan is for you to love where you are in life currently and in the everyday places you visit. God’s love is for you to love, at the grocery store, bank, gym and even the gas station. Love in the little things, in your family and in the ordinary circumstances. If you and I wait for the BIG opportunity to love, we may end up waiting a while. God loves it when we love in the small things. Our vocation is to love, especially in the small things.

Love in itself wills the good of the other person. Do you love according to when it is convenient or comfortable for you? As most of you know I’m sure much more than me, most of the time, love is not convenient or comfortable. Willing the good of the other can be very draining and consuming. Ultimately though, willing good things for others brings love, life and joy: the Holy Spirit here to this earth. By means of willing the good of the other, we can build a living life of faith in service to our neighbor.

How will we know when we are to act or respond? God promises that when we love for loves sake God is with us. Gary Zimack states, “God often asks that we take the first step before he delivers on a promise. That’s how we grow in the faith”

Our vocation is to love. To love is to will the good of the other. By loving and willing the good of the other, we can grow in our faith and let our works bring Jesus to our everyday interactions.