Deep down in the recesses of EVERY Human HEART is a yearning to change the world for the better; to use our talents, gifts, resources, connections, our hands, feet, minds and hearts to help somebody in need out there in the world. This weekend the Church celebrates Respect for Life Sunday, a time in which the Catholic community celebrates the gift of human life and stands as witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Jesus invites us to “Come and See.” See what we may ask?

Scott Douglass, a senior at Marshfield High School and a teen missionary made a similar request last year in a witness talk to his peers about his experience while on our summer Chicago mission trip. He said,

“My life was changed that week. I see things differently now. It was the men I met and spoke to in the homeless shelter that had the biggest impact on my life.”

He encouraged his peers to “Come and See” what he had experienced in serving those in need of a warm smile and conversation. His peers listened and came. Our mission to Chicago doubled in size. These young men and ladies saw the presence of Jesus in the poor and their hearts and lives were forever changed.

We as a nation have been given so many opportunities to serve those who are less fortunate than ourselves because of the floods and damage caused by the recent hurricanes. At times like these the gap between the have’s and the have not’s become shortened and we see more clearly ourselves in our neighbors. Let us all respond to protect and uphold the dignity of others, and as faithful and loyal witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ let us cry out boldly; “I have found the Messiah!”

Come and See the Goodness of the Lord!