Just after I write this column I am headed up to Clinton, Massachusetts to pick up the tile order. Hopefully they will have engraved all of the 8”x8” and 4”x8” tiles. I have hired a mason to lay the tiles this past Thursday. The tile paver company has indicated that they have back ordered the four 4”x4” tiles, and we will insert them into their spaces in the coming weeks. I am hoping that we will have the Grotto ready for inspection come this Saturday. I want to thank all those who have purchased one of the tiles. We raised $5400.00 and after expense $4800.00; net funds will be applied to the another project in the church.

This weekend we celebrate Columbus Day Weekend and the office will be closed on Monday but will reopen Tuesday at 9:00a.m. There are no CCD Classes this weekend, they will resume the coming week.

We are still working on the grounds and have planted additional mums to make the parish grounds look festive. We have been enjoying Indian Summer and working outside improves the collective mood of the staff.

In last weekend’s homily, as I am sure you have emblazoned upon your mind, I spoke to the gospel passage and the second reading that encouraged us to treat others as more worthy of attention than ourselves. In this week’s Mission column, Will Rein, speaks to us about forging relationships with folks from other generations. I hope you can take the time to read and reflect upon his words.

One of the neat parts about priesthood is not only the number of additional brothers you receive in Holy Orders, but that each brother is equal.

Regardless of what generation a priest belongs to we are the same and enjoy one another’s company. I take to heart what Will and the Pope are reflecting upon. I would encourage our older parishioners to take time to say hi to the younger kids, especially the teenagers…they can make us feel young in heart when we hear their stories and chuckle over the same experiences we had at that age, and the same way we failed to hail the advice of our seniors….it’s almost like a right of passage! I think sometimes we become reluctant to do this because we can get a reaction from the younger members like they are bored or indifferent to our approach, but most times it is simply they lack confidence and don’t feel worthy of our attention. It is our duty to be the leader in these situations and to facilitate the gifts of the Holy Spirit to possess courage and approach and embolden our younger members. May God Bless you in this endeavor. Have a Happy Columbus Day Weekend!