A quick reminder that November 1st is a Holy Day of Obligation, and that for the Feast of ALL SAINTS DAY, we will celebrate a Vigil Mass the night before at 4:00pm and on the feast day at 7:30am. The neighboring parishes normally celebrate a Holy Day 7:00pm Mass. The following day we celebrate ALL SOULS DAY at the 7:30am daily Mass. I am placing the BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE in the sanctuary a week early in order that you might enroll your deceased loved ones in the book for remembrance on November 2nd and at Masses throughout the month of November.

November 1st marks my eleventh year of arriving in this parish! I have had a wonderful time ministering to you and in many cases ministering alongside of you. Under the old norms of the Archdiocese I would be given the opportunity to serve 2 six year terms, for a total of twelve years. I have come close to the 12 years, and when all is said and done, it looks like I will have spent 11 years and 7 months here in Ocean Bluff.

This is a fitting time to thank you for all the support you have extended me and for inviting me into your lives.

I have had a great time and as I prepare to make a move to another assignment I have been taking time to marvel at all we have accomplished here. I realize change is hard and welcoming a new pastor and his associate may be a little difficult, but I imagine you will come to love them as well, and will enjoy the different gifts they bring to this town.

I have had several folks inquire as to the proposed changes in the MARSHFIELD COLLABORATIVE, and I have been told that we will have an answer in November. I promise as soon as this information is passed along to me, I will let everyone know.

This week we celebrate WORLD MISSION SUNDAY and our second collection is directed towards the mission work which happens within the Universal Church. As a parish that considers itself a ‘Church for the poor’ I would ask you to be as generous as your means allow.

The GRAND ANNUAL DRIVE FOR 2017 is coming to a close in November, and so I would ask those who have yet to contribute to consider doing so in the next few weeks. The proceeds from the DRIVE are earmarked for the replacement of the Church and Chapel Roof. On that note, I have met with our project manager and the Roofing contractor and have chosen a brown shingle for the roof. The color of the shingle is different than the grey shingles but I believe this will compliment the sandstone color of our bricks. The roofer should be here next week to begin this project and it will take between two to three weeks to complete the job. Also this week we will take delivery of three exterior doors; we will replace the Brant Rock side door in the coming weeks, and the Fish Pond and Chapel doors in the Spring. The existing doors are painted white, but I hope to keep them a natural color as it will compliment the rectory door.

Thanks to all those who joined us for the Fall Festival last weekend, it was a great opportunity to enjoy some nice warm weather, while spending time with friends and neighbors.

Mark your calendars for Friday, December 1st, as we will once again host our annual Christmas concert. Also the annual Cookie Walk, will be held the Saturday before Thanksgiving.