Last week we celebrated World Mission Sunday and talked about spreading the Good News of the Gospel in our daily encounters. Just like being ‘mindful’, we can become ‘mission-full’ when we build a solid personal relationship with Jesus and then spread the joy of this encounter by means of serving others.

Jesus calls us to be the People of God, living lives full of mission to be salt of the earth and light of the world. In saying this, Jesus is proclaiming that the Church doesn’t have a mission, the Church IS a mission. We, with Jesus, need to ask ourselves, who/what is next? What is the next opportunity I have to make Jesus present here on this earth? These opportunities help us to live our lives open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit asking Jesus not only to help others, through us, but to first help our conversion to his likeness each day. Look at Pope Francis, or our Pastor, Fr. Carmichael who ask all of us to pray for them continually. Does that make any sense?! They are living out their priestly vocations in unity with Jesus and Mary, and are overseeing the conversion for those they are responsible. Yet they still ask; “Please, pray for my conversion”. A pretty powerful witness if you ask me. Conversion is a daily decision, a continual renewal and a daily surrender to God’s Will with our lives.

We need to give to the world mercy and forgiveness as our Lord gives so generously to us each day. To be mission-full is to be full of mercy and forgiveness.

This week’s mission challenge: I ask you: What is the next opportunity in which you could make Jesus present to yourself or others? Are you called to more quiet time in prayer? Building on an old or a new authentic relationship in your life? Maybe you feel called to combine all of these aspects by putting your faith into action? Then consider a mission trip! We have service opportunities coming up, with The March for Life in DC in January , Houston this Spring, New Jersey in April and Chicago in August. Jesus is calling you, right now, to something more. Say yes! Most importantly tell me about your ‘yes’ and the fruit it bears. I look forward to hearing your stories!