Do you live a life of wonder, vision, and inspiration? Is it hard in the current culture we live in for you to live with a deep and abiding sense of hope? We, as Disciples of Christ, are called to breathe hope into society; one act of love at a time. Are we part of the walking dead? Or are we living joyful lives? We need to live our lives inspired by the things that matter. So often we choose to live for the things that don’t matter (such as gaining wealth or having the most material possessions). Instead of living for comfort and living like the walking dead, Jesus calls us to be more. Pope Benedict XVI says that we were called to live for more than what the world has to offer:

Jesus calls us to live for greatness.

As missionaries in service to the poor among us, what are you inspired by? How does this inspiration reflect the way you live? I used to seek inspiration from the world of comfort because, I thought, life calls us to be comfortable: materially, emotionally and spiritually.

Jesus reveals his greatness through the Gospels, but also by the life stories and actions of the saints. They, like us, were not perfect human beings but they lived their lives with hope, with faith, and with the belief that God’s grace would see them through anything. This endurance never led the saints to despair. So, this week’s missionary challenge is to: Learn more about the life of a saint. Pick your favorite saint, or a saint you want to know more about, and learn about their life journey. What were they like before they met Jesus? What did they become at the moment they met Jesus? How did they change after they met him? I still need to learn more about the saints, I encourage you to share your saint story with me as well! I am truly inspired by the saints and learning more about the lives of saints is one mission right now that will help me to live for greatness in Christ!