Happy Feast of Christ the King! The question I have for this week is: Who OR What is your King? The King of your heart? Life? Time? Money? Something I will say is that one of my Kings is Sports. I really love Boston sports, I mean come on! Brady, College Hockey, Bruins, Celtics, Betts, Sale and the Red Sox. Fenway Park, the Garden, we are very spoiled! I love Boston Sports and the storylines that are included in each. Although I try not to let sports be the reigning King on my heart (this is much harder at playoff time). So in honor of at least my brokenness, this week I want to talk about attachments. Each one of us has our own attachments. These attachments can be positive or negative, but I want to highlight the attachments that take us further away from a personal friendship with Jesus.

In Fr. Michael Gaitley’s book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus, he mentions the concept of primacy of contemplation. The primacy of contemplation means, “If we stay fixed on the goodness and glory of the Lord, we’ll automatically and with a certain ease let go of all of our attachments… we’ll begin to have an attitude of indifference without having to force it”. We all have attachments, some we are proud of, some we aren’t.

I always thought that Jesus would be present once I had moved on from some of my attachments, which include not having enough time for silence and finding the best deals online to name a few. Once I’ve given up these attachments THEN I can truly follow Jesus and let Him fully into my life. Better yet, I thought Jesus would be more present when I started doing His Will for my life. If I waited for God’s plan to unfold, to find the right timing when He has me where he wants me, THEN I can live in faith according to His promise.

Over the last few years I’ve learned, God’s will for you is in the here and now!

God seeks to bring greatness and beauty out of where you are, and the people you are engaged with on a daily basis.

Through Fr. Gaitley’s book, I learned that Jesus wants us just as we are, all he asks is, “Come to me”. Once we let Jesus in, he can help us to open our heart to Him more and more. As we open our heart to Jesus, that’s when the primacy of contemplation comes into action. When I think about this primacy of contemplation, I can’t help think of a greater theme for Advent! I know I will be taking this to prayer over the next month. I’ve noticed that remaining open and coming to Jesus has led me to become fixed on Jesus and His plan for me, rather than being fixed on my attachments. I know of many today who are attached to social media and technology, myself included. This is the future of the Catholic Church: using social media and technology to aid in fostering a personal relationship with Jesus. As our own parish continues to use social media to evangelize, please consider taking part in all of the various resources we have. Lastly: Is Christ the King of your Heart? Are you willing to let Jesus be your King? If you do, be ready for a radical and absolutely beautiful journey.