WOW! The seasons change so quickly! We are fast approaching the season of Christmas since this week, we end our Liturgical Year with the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. This is a day that the Church sets aside each year to counter secularism in our culture, which is a way of life which leaves God out of everything and acts as if God did not exist. The feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe is intended to proclaim in a bold manner, Christ’s royalty over individuals, families, society, governments, and nations. It is fitting then that this Solemnity comes the week before Advent; a time the Catholic Church designates for the four weeks preceding Christmas to prepare the way of the Lord for His coming as our King and Savior. Jesus came in the role of “king” to serve and not to be served. As a Servant King, Jesus triumphs over death and sin. This reminds us of our baptism and how we too are to serve one another, especially those in need and who are less fortunate then ourselves. We are promised when celebrating this day that, if we live our lives with and through Jesus, we, with Jesus, will journey toward a final age where sin, death, and evil will be destroyed forever. Jesus is our Divine leader, where all things are possible. He is a leader that cares for us and serves us and attends to our needs not our wants.

You may ask; why is this Solemnity important to me and my family? Or better yet, how can my family and I better live out our role as “king” that we received at Baptism? Remembering St. Theresa of Calcutta’s words,

“We are not called to do great things but rather simple things with great love!”

Many think of “strangers” when they think of serving, but maybe we can start right now in our own families. Our conversation with family members could begin by asking; “What can I do to make your daily life easier.” “What are your needs?” It can be as simple as a small chore, taking out the garbage, making lunch for your husband, helping your brother or sister with their homework or turning to your loved ones with a gentle face regardless of how you feel. We are walking with and through Jesus when we perform kind acts in this way. In preparation for Advent this week let us pray:

Loving God, allow me to serve others with a joyful heart and spirit.
Help me, Lord, to do all that I may without counting the cost, to
do things so that my left hand does not know what my right hand is doing.