We are at the beginning of the liturgical year: Advent! If you don’t follow the liturgical year/calendar, I highly recommend it! I tend to follow it more than I do my regular calendar. Is it weird that I know the day of the liturgical year in the morning before the actual date of the month? Haha

Advent is a great time of the year for new beginnings. If we want to talk about our Blessed Mother, her life was seriously interrupted by an angel from God. Can you imagine being interrupted by an angel from God and have this brilliant being casually tell you that you have been called to be the Mother of Jesus, and raise God Incarnate. How would you react? To be honest, I have no idea (another reference to interruptions!). How did the Blessed Mother react? With grace and humility, by saying,

“Let it be done to me according to your Word.”

If you’re at all like me, you don’t always act that way. At least, I need to act that way more often. This is why Advent is such a great time of the year. A fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate; a time for God to constantly interrupt you, and refine your reaction to His interruptions.

Advent is a time before Jesus enters into the liturgical year though. This isn’t a time to kick back, relax and just wait for Jesus to come back, then start. No! This is a great new opportunity, and a way to prepare your heart and mind in a new way for God’s plan for your life. Coming off full turkey bellies and some relaxation, now we are called to tend to the field of our faith, so that when Jesus comes he can water the seeds and let them bloom.

So the question remains: Will you let God till your soil? Will you put down fertilizer and prepare the way for Jesus to come into your lives in a new way? I’ll bring up the idea again: Will you let God interrupt your life? Here’s to our Best Advent ever (take part in DynamicCatholic.com email series! I highly recommend it).