The past month we have had increasing trouble with the lights flickering on and off. The problem originated outside in the meter box where one of the main two feeds coming into the church had significant oxidation impeding the transmission of the power supply. I had Eversource come to confirm the problem and had an electrician clean off the oxidation with a wire brush. We will replace the wires and conduits in the spring. We have also had to replace the six spotlights over the altar with a new fixture, as well as installing LED lighting in the reredos (that is the rear space in the sanctuary). While the electricians are here I have them replacing several light fixtures in the church and installing LED lights in the grotto. It will likely take the electrician three days to address the back order of electrical work we need to run the church. The cost of all this work will be roughly $8,000.00. In addition we are also investing a similar amount in updating the audio system of the main church, which is ten years old. The updates will include replacing the old wiring, which has many slices, which in turn have compromised the strength of the sound system. We will be installing new audio mike systems in the choir loft, in order that we might improve the clarity of the choir. This work is much overdue and should be completed by the middle of January. We have completed the roof on the main church and chapel and I am happy to report that the seagulls have returned to the parish roof and christened it, thus ensuring long life for this roof. The roof on the rectory has been scheduled for the late spring, and the costs will be covered by the Grand Annual. You may have noticed that we have replaced the missalettes in the church, at a cost of $3,000.00. I would ask everyone to be as gentle as you can be with these books, placing them carefully back in the holders. The gentler we are with the books the nicer they will look into the coming year. I have purchased a small amount of extra copies so that we might be able to replace the roughest copies when we come into July (a little past the halfway mark of the liturgical year). Next year’s copies will be less expensive as we will be able to purchase a less expensive edition that does not carry the music selections. We have a copyright lease with a company which allows us to print the words and notes in our weekly handout. I would ask everyone to remind everyone that we have placed the Christmas Flower Envelopes in the pews and would ask you to return them soon. Thanks.