As professor at Assumption, Dr. Brian Benestad once said,

“Think of the
difference you could make in the lives of others if you did your job well.”

Let that quote sink in…… and while you take a moment to let that sink in,
let us bring to mind the Bill Belicheck and Patriots motto: Do. Your. Job.

I want to tie this in with a homily I heard a couple of months back… Jesus
reminds us to make sure you have enough before you start. However, the
paradox is: until you start, you will never have enough to finish. Fr. Mike
Schmitz then moves into the one quality that is required for sainthood and
discipleship. If each of us do this one thing, then we will all become saints.
If not, we will be challenged day in and day out. The one quality is: Letting
God interrupt you. Are you willing to let Jesus interrupt you? Your life?
Your plans?

Have you EVER let Jesus interrupt you? We have thousands and thousands
of interruptions each week, and hundreds each day! 45% of distractions
are self created (Let me start this… check social media… or start
1,924 projects all at once!). We are interrupted every day on an average of
every 3.5 minutes(!). The average time to get back to focused to a high
level of thinking after an interruption? 25 minutes!!!
Interruptions… I’ve been thinking about this ever since I heard about this.
How do you handle interruptions? Do you get annoyed, short of patience
and angry? Do you see God in these interruptions? To be honest, I handled
them with anger, a lack of patience and usually some uneasiness and

A great example is St. Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa became a sister and
was living the religious life in a very pious way. On a train ride traveling
during her work as a sister, Jesus came to her in a dream (yes, on a train)
and she had a dream that changed her life forever. Jesus interrupted her,
and gave her the vision that He had for her life. Start a new congregation…..
move to work with the poorest of the poorest in Calcutta… show
them Jesus. At this point, Mother Teresa had a few options. One, to blow
it off completely (but she is a saint now, so you know that didn’t happen!).
Second, pick and choose which things she liked about what God said, and
leave the other stuff out. Third, do her job. Let herself be interrupted. And
let Jesus guide her through interrupting her own plan and her own life.

What makes the best Patriot’s player? It’s the player that does their job to
the fullest, and sacrifices maybe what they want or what they think is best
to work for the whole of the team system. (Hello Gronk and Brady!)

In this same way, we are called to Do. Our. Job. For Jesus. Let God interrupt
you. Let His interruptions be an opportunity for you to fully live out
your calling, in the here and now. The more I’ve thought about this, the
more I’ve realized it’s truth, and the reason I want to share this truth with all
of you. Unpack your life where you are, and let God work!