I want to thank the two couples that volunteered to be part
fancy name for the group that decorates the church for the
various liturgical celebrations, such as Advent, Christmas,
Lent, Holy Weekend and Easter. I NEED MORE
VOLUNTEERS. We all like how the church is decorated
for these festive occasions, but the two folks who do the
brunt of the work are myself and Catherine Rein. This past
week I have been working late in the church to put away
the decorations and get the Lent ones ready, Wednesday
night I worked till 11:30pm. Then collapsed in bed and
subsequently slept through the 6am alarm, missed daily
mass and awoke at 8:39am. This is my fault as I love to
work and admit to being a workaholic. However, when the
work interrupts the daily Mass, I have to say enough is
enough. I need to delegate the work, and I need folks to
come forward and ensure that this work continues through
any and all subsequent pastors. I need to caution the
parish, we need to be more volunteer driven, and share the
workload. If I this doesn’t happen then we have to hire
people which reduces the money I have to make
improvement to your parish. You are wonderful people
and I realize you marvel at the work we do but don’t know
how much work that the pastoral staff takes upon itself. I
also know that if I tell you this, a certain number of you
will come forward to volunteer. What does this volunteer
position consist of? In Advent we normally set up the
Saturday of Thanksgiving Day weekend, in Lent we start
the Sunday afternoon before Ash Wednesday, Palm
Sunday we set up the Saturday of that weekend, Holy
Week we decorate on that Sunday afternoon, for Easter
Sunday we decorate after the Good Friday Service around
5pm. As you can see this is not a very demanding
volunteer position and it requires a few hours on these
select days. Also keep me in your prayers, as I need to
really work on the ‘delegating’ part of this parish. I do
want to thank Lisa Kelly who helped us set up for
Christmas and the many members of the Knights of
Columbus who set up & took down our stables, and Jerry
& Luke O’Brien who assembled the Lobster Traps.
This past Friday I flew down to Washington DC to
surprise all of our Missionaries by concelebrating the
March for Life Mass and joining with them in the Walk.
As I am writing this on Thursday morning, I am sure they
will be shocked. After the March I board a train for Penn
Station New York, where I’ll stay over the night and then
on Saturday I travel out to Summit, New Jersey for the
groundbreaking of the expansion wing to Our Lady of the
Holy Rosary. This is the cloister of Dominican Nuns,
wherein resides my ‘spiritual sister’, Sr. Mary Catherine,
and we have contributed to the construction of this project.
The sisters live within the walls of the cloister and rarely
travel outside of the walls, with the exception of hospital
visits or chapter meetings; their day is given over to prayer
for the Universal Church for those who provide their

Much of what we have accomplished here in
this parish is through their prayers to God through the
intervention of the Blessed Mother.

See you Sunday.