This Monday the parish office is closed in observance of the
Martin Luther King Day Holiday. The office will reopen on
Tuesday at 9:00am.

Last weekend we concluded the Christmas Season with the
Feast of the Epiphany. Normally the following weekend is the
Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, however due to the short
Advent Season that Feast was bumped to the day after the
Epiphany. Occasionally one of our regular feasts gets bumped
due to calendar issues. Last year we celebrated Ash Wednesday
on March 1st, this year we will celebrate about three weeks
earlier on February 14th (kind of weird falling on St.
Valentine’s Day), and Holy Week comes on the last week of
March. Easter falls on Sunday, April 1st, and thus all pranks are
to be suspended this year. Lol.

As we approach the MLK Holiday we have much to be thankful
for especially that the Patriots remain in the playoff run to the
Super Bowl…perhaps we can cross our fingers and throw a
prayer or two upward. We will not have CCD the night of the
Super Bowl, but we will have it during the morning.

A reminder to those who attend our Sunday 7:00PM Mass, we
will not have evening mass on February 4th, which is the date of
the Super Bowl. Please plan to attend one of our other weekend

Also, in the interest of fair play, the Sunday Masses
will be a little briefer, so that everyone can enjoy this festive
occasion. I hope everyone enjoys the day.

I believe everyone is aware of the severe flu outbreak through
the country and here in the Northeast. I would ask everyone to
be thoughtful with respect to reception of the Precious Blood. If
you regularly receive Holy Communion under both species
please be extra cautious and avoid receiving the Precious Blood
if you or anyone in your household is sick. The flu can be
communicated by way of the Precious Blood, and I can tell you
first hand that when I was in Seminary when we approached
February we have times in which half the students would come
down with the flu around the same time, at which similar
announcements would be made in the house.

This past week both I and Catherine Rein spent the better part of
three days taking down the decorations in both the church and
chapel. This is a lot of work and it took a toll on us, next year
we will not be able to undertake this work ourselves. I know
everyone loves the decorations, and this year we were fortunate
to have a generous parishioner assist us for a day. But it is a lot
of hard work assembling trees and placing ten feet up on the
shelves, as well as setting them up throughout the church. We
are coming up on Lent, Holy Week and Easter and it is
important that we have volunteers to help decorate. I am asking
folks to contact us and volunteer to be part of an ART &
ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE, which will assist the pastor
and pastoral associate in this work. I hope folks volunteer,
because the sad reality is that when the change in pastors occurs,
the next one will not do a fraction of what we presently
do….and perhaps he should not as this really should be the work
of parishioners, as this is your church home. So, I do not want
to sound cranky here, but I do want to suggest that we could do
some awesome work with the help of our friends. Please call
the parish office and volunteer.

I hope to speak at the Masses this weekend relative to the end of
February Adult Mission Trip to Houston Texas. We have not
received great interest in this trip and need to see if it is doable.