This week, I want to focus on the Corporal Mercy of clothing the naked. This topic reminds me so much of Matthew 25, one of my favorite passages in the Bible. What have you done for your brothers and sisters? Whatever you do for your brothers and sisters, you do directly for Jesus as well. Everyone finds warmth and dignity in clothing, so in clothing others, we are actually clothing Jesus himself.

So….. when was the last time you went through your clothes and donated all the ones you don’t wear? There is always a large pile of clothes that just take up dead space in my closet that I really need to go through. Every season changeover from Fall to Winter and Winter to Summer clothes, I try to use those times as opportunities to donate. Could God be calling you to simplify and clear some space to clothe those in need?

One thing I think our parish does a great job of is filling those St. Vincent de Paul donation bins! I constantly see parishioners and people from the community dropping off clothes. I know we might not see the recipients of those clothes, but in sifting through the clothes we don’t wear and dropping them off, we actually clothe Jesus. Isn’t that a cool thought? You can also admit that I’m a weirdo too, that’s okay.

Dr. Allen Hunt sums up the Corporal Works of Mercy right from the beginning of his story:

“In the Corporal Works of Mercy, Jesus calls us to do something – not simply to talk about it, not to study it, not to establish a committee to develop a plan for it, but to do it. To really and truly clothe the naked…. Clothe the naked. Generous followers of Jesus do just that.”

How might God be calling you to be generous in this Corporal Work of Mercy?