I am sure everyone is happy that we are SUPER BOWL Bound. We are holding each of our regular Masses that weekend with the exception of the Sunday 7PM Mass. To be clear,


In previous years when we did have one, there were about five people there, along with a testy priest (me). I thank those folks for understanding.

Next weekend we will observe the occasion of the Feast of St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr, by way of the Blessing of Throats. I will come early to each mass and see if I can go to various seniors in the church and bless their throats, so as to be respectful of their standing in this parish. If I skip you thank God for your youth and come up with the rest of the folks after Mass. There will be a general blessing followed by individual blessings. This is a beautiful sacramental that we should all get.

I understand there is nothing better for a cold than chicken soup, and nothing better than a quart of soup for single people who don’t want to bother making dinner. Next weekend the Missionaries will be selling soup after each of the Masses to support their ongoing work. Thanks for your support.

A week from this Friday we will have our Children’s Mardi Gras Party. I hope to see many of our young families, as we find time in the dreary time of winter to share the joy of the upcoming baseball season and return of good weather. It is also a time to let loose before we enter into our Lenten Observances of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

Lent arrives a little earlier this year and so we will be celebrating ASH WEDNESDAY on St. Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I love you, Honey” like fish and cod cakes. Folks, I don’t set these dates. Our Mass schedule for that day will be 7:30am, 4:00pm and 7:00pm. I will be hearing Confessions after each Mass as requested. We will also have more information on our Lenten activities in next week’s bulletin.

A word of thanks to the Knights of Columbus members who are taking down and storing our two mangers. This is a lot of heavy work and I am indebted to them for taking care of this work. Also thanks to Casey Rein who will be repairing the glass doors to our outside sign….they have taken a pretty bad beating over the past few years. Thanks also to another Knight, Jim McLaughlin who plowed the entire parking lot in the last big storm at no cost to the parish. It is acts of work such as this that show the dedication of the entire parish community.

We have taken down the LOBSTER TRAP CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS and are grateful to Mike Dwayne and the Marshfield Commercial Fisherman’s Association. The parish is making a donation to their scholarship fund as a gesture of thanks for loaning us the traps and donating 200 lobsters for last summer’s mission fundraiser. Also thanks to the Green Harbor Lobster Pound who shuck the lobsters for us, which makes it easier for our volunteers to make the lobster rolls.

I want to thank all those who volunteered to be part of the ART & ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE. Our first project will take pace the Sunday before Ash Wednesday at 12:30pm. The project will entail hanging purple sheers, changing banners and altar clothes, and the rear altar backing. In the past this has been a lot of work for just two people but our new volunteers will make it go quick. Thx.