This Sunday we resume the 7:00pm Mass, and I want to thank everyone for permitting me the opportunity of taking last Sunday night off to watch the Super Bowl. As painful as the outcome of the game was, we enjoy comparisons that are made to being a dynasty. It was a remarkable game and it was exciting to watch the Eagle’s QB (a young version of Tom Brady) pull off some remarkable plays. I hope we will be good sports about it.

I want to take this time to thank some special folks, and they are the parents of our CCD children and in particular our Altar Servers. Each Christmas we remember the kids with gifts and soon thereafter I receive thank you notes. I enjoy the notes and occasionally am surprised with some of the notes, one in particular I have published further along in the bulletin, and when you read it you will see what happens when you have good parenting and supportive adult catechetical leaders. By the way I love the little kid, he is kind of shy but has a big heart…his older brother is also one of our servers. We are so blessed to have grade school and high school servers.

In a few days we will enter into this annual liturgical season with the celebration of ASH WEDNESDAY with Masses at 7:30am, 4:00pm and 7:00pm.

On this day we abstain from meat. The Lenten regulations are contained further along in the bulletin. Hoping to give our regulars a jump on the upcoming season, we have put out the “Daily Reflections for Lent: Not by Bread Alone 2018.” This is a great companion piece for our Lenten observance. We have also placed other material by the bulletins. Also now is a good time for us to be thinking about what we want to do for Lent in terms of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

A reminder to the new members of our ART & ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE that we will be decorating the church after the 11:30 Mass today. If you would like to help please meet us in the church around 12:45pm. We also need a few men who can climb ladders and hang the banners. Look forward to seeing you there.

All of our ASH WEDNESDAY Masses will be held in the Chapel. This upcoming week we are replacing the carpeting and vinyl flooring in the bathroom and hallway, and are undertaking cosmetic updates to the bathroom. The bathroom will be shutdown during the week and will be available for the following weekend Masses.

We have just received the 2018 CATHOLIC APPEAL MATERIAL and will be launching this year’s campaign towards the end of the month. I expect that we will receive a solicitation from the Cardinal in the coming weeks and would ask each family to respond as their means permit. We will soon receive another check for $5000.00 from the Appeal Office, which represents the last rebate check from last year’s campaign. By the way this check will be allotted to the winter gas bills, which helps the parish a great deal. Your participation counts and has afforded us these generous rebate checks. Thanks for your support!