I found a bookmark recently with a morning prayer, through the words of St. Francis De Sales: “Call to mind that the day now beginning is given to you in order that you may work for Eternity, and make a steadfast resolution to use this day for that end.” Do you realize that you are called to more than just the comfort that this world offers us?! I often become very comfortable in the place that I’m in, but I also need the reminder that God calls us to more. The world will offer you SO MUCH for you to be comfortable where you are. The world will whisper to you,

“Just settle, you weren’t made for anything more, don’t worry.”

But I need to tell you: there is more. There is so much more! One of my favorite quotes from Pope Benedict XVI is, “The world promises you comfort, but you were made for more than comfort. You were made for greatness.” YES!

So what does this greatness look like?! My first thought is the saints. “Oh sainthood, that’s just for an elite few”. God calls us all to be saints though. How can we be saints for our friend Jesus?! By being exactly who he calls us to be. Yeap! That it. Be the best version of who God calls us to be. It might sound too easy. The concept in saying it is easy, but putting into practice is that much harder.

Have you ever thought of what makes Christians different than every other person on this planet?! I was asked this question in the book Rediscover Jesus. I have to tell you, I loved Matthew Kelly’s answer. He said basically that the two pillars that make Christians different from the rest of the world are generosity and forgiveness. If you look at some of the most generous people in your life, either in your life or those you have heard about: I often think of several people, and then I think of the saints of the Church! St John Paul II, St Maximilian Kolbe, St. Teresa of Calcutta. Christians are very often the most generous people.

But forgiveness. If you look into this area, this is truly what makes Christians different from the rest of the world. This is an area I continue to develop and learn about. If you look into it, or through your experience in life, forgiveness is NOT easy. Giving out forgiveness, being forgiven by others, and then ALSO forgiving yourself. All three of those things are not easy and they definitely require grace and love from God. However, when one or more of these areas are put into practice, I know God has truly shown his presence in a powerful way in my life. Even hearing stories of forgiveness, I know God is so present in those people, both in those who offer forgiveness, those who are open to being forgiven and those who are courageous enough to forgive ourselves (the hardest part for me). Jesus promises us that if we build these two areas in our life, Jesus will become more present both within ourselves and in the people around us.