I want to thank everyone who made a donation for the Easter Flowers. This year we changed vendors to Kane’s Floral Gardens in Danvers. The lilies we were getting from our last vendor were of poor quality and were offered in only one color. The hydrangeas from last year did not last but a week and they are very expensive, so this year we just purchased lilies, mums and daffodils. In switching to the new vendor there is the expense of renting a van and picking the flowers up on the North Shore of Boston. The rental cost was just under $100.00, but it was a hassle to pick up and drop off. We pick up our flowers on Holy Thursday morning which limits our ability to get a parishioner to pick them up. Next year we will cut back on the smaller lilies and focus on the large tub lilies along with hydrangeas and tulips. I want to thank all the members of the Art and Environment Committee for decorating the church and chapel for the various liturgies throughout the Easter Triduum.

The young women from Julie’s House were quite appreciative for the 20+ hams and vegetables we donated to them so that they could also enjoy a festive Easter with their children.

I hope to get one more week out of our Easter decorations, and will then start planting them on the parish property. The red lilies will throw off another bloom in the summer. A word of thanks to Casey Rein and his helpers for removing the platform in front of the church.

The last few weeks I have been pleased to come into the chapel on Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm and be greeted by a bunch of folks who want to go to Confession. Just a reminder to everyone that we offer the sacrament of reconciliation in the chapel on Saturdays from 3:00-3:30pm or later if the need dictates.

While it does not feel like or look like Spring, the Boston Marathon reminds us we are in Spring. Just a reminder to everyone that in a month’s time we will be celebrating MEMORIAL DAY and that our Vigil Mass time changes to 5:00pm and Confessions will be at 4:00pm. Please mark this in your calendar and start getting excited as our snowbirds are returning and our summer residents will soon be here.

Easter Season is a great time of year given the warming temperatures, the longer days, the closer the sun is to us, and the weekend readings at Mass are filled with joy and hope. We should remember and pray for those who have a difficult time during holidays. Life can have its tough moments and we need the support of one another to get through the tough times. One such group I have been thinking and praying for are those women who have had an abortion in the past, but who still live with the painful emotions that go along with this loss. The Archdiocese has a great ministry program called Rachel’s Project, which offers various services to help women process the varied emotions and come to feeling of forgiveness from God. There is more information further along in the bulletin and if you have any questions I would be happy to speak with you in a confidential manner.

Let us all pray for those who are in need.

I think highly of another church ministry known as Dynamic Catholic. Over the past years each Christmas or Easter we give folks a copy of one of their recent books that delve into the virtue of hope. Holy Family in Duxbury is hosting Dr. Allen Hunt from DC who will be speaking on the “Four Habits That Will Transform Your Life” on Sat., May 6th from 2-6pm. The cost of the tickets are $25.00 but the parish is purchasing ten tickets which will go to the first takers. See more info in the bulletin.