Do you want to see Jesus? Have you ever said in your prayer life, “If only I could see you Jesus, it would make my path to holiness so much easier! To continue our journey with Pope Francis’ exhortation, in Chapter 3 Pope Francis concentrates on the words and teachings of Jesus and the extraordinary way Jesus taught the truth, by means of the Beatitudes and Mathew 25. Pope Francis reflects on a path to holiness that promises happiness by highlighting the depth and sacredness of extending mercy to our neighbor and giving great glory to God by being a mirror of the beatitudes in our everyday lives. Since living this way is definitely counter cultural and demanding; we need to rely on the Holy Spirit to free us from the obstacles that stand in our way of extending merciful love. But how do we do this you may ask? The pope askes each of us to be like Jesus, and to do what He did; To be poor of heart, to react to others including our enemies with meekness and humility, to learn how to mourn with others, to hunger and thirst to pursue justice for the poor and weak; to approach others with a gentle face. The pope encourages us to keep our hearts free from all that would get in the way of love, sowing peace, not division, by means of vengeance or gossip. To accept our crosses and persecutions patiently, remembering that the cross is our source of holiness and growth. The ultimate criterion on which our lives will be judged by God will not depend on a single act but what we have done for the weakest on a daily basis. Do you want to know how you measure up to these challenges set before us first by Jesus and most recently by Pope Francis? Ask yourself how your life is being transformed in the light of mercy? What actions do we exhibit that profit our neighbors well-being and ours, since mercy supplements the defects in others and is very pleasing to God. What selfish tendencies can we transform to the benefit of our neighbor? There is no time like the present and no time to waste! Open your heart to Jesus and reread the Gospel passages of the Sermon on the Mount and Chapter 25 from Matthew. Pray with them with a merciful mind and little by little your life will become a reflection of a life lived genuinely happy and holy!