We all face various challenges in our life, but some in particular have many challenges in which they experience feelings of dread, being overwhelmed, perhaps even hopeless. If this sounds familiar and you find yourself in this part of the population, there is the good news that there are ways to extricate yourself from portions of this malady. A week from this Sunday, HOLY FAMILY IN DUXBURY is hosting Dynamic Catholic Speaker Doctor Allen Hunt, who is a nationally known speaker who addresses many of these issues from a faith perspective. Folks, I have ten tickets for this event which the parish has purchased, and I would love to be able to have nine of these tickets used…I am using one of the tickets.

Now friends if you are struggling, this is a great event to help get you on the road to developing concrete ways of directing your life to one in which you will learn how to surrender control to God and find His divine direction in how to navigate tough times.

Attendees receive a special gift package which includes Dr. Allen’s book and other items. Please see me or Catherine Rein after Mass for one of these tickets. The tickets will be offered on a first come basis. Hope to see you there.

Congratulations to Robert Rein who is graduating from Keene State College next Saturday morning. Best wishes and prayers to his parents Casey and Catherine as he returns to their home for permanent residence….or so it may seem to each of them. We also send our congratulations to all our other parishioners who are graduating from college or graduate school. Please keep them and their parents in your prayers, especially for good jobs, sound careers and close relationships with our Risen Lord!

This Saturday evening at the Vigil Mass the congregation is going to get to see an awesome sight, which is FIRST HOLY COMMUNION for one special little girl…Kenzie Vita Silva. I hope for those who are attending they might enjoy this moment and perhaps recall that special time in their life when they too had their first encounter with Jesus through the reception of His Body, Soul and Divinity. Parents Jeremy and Sherilynn, and brothers Jadon and Emmitt, along with the rest of the Silva family will likely fill up the front rows of the church, and perhaps his older brother might serve the Mass as well.

Next Saturday morning, May 5th, I will be celebrating FIRST HOLY COMMUNION for the rest of the second graders. The Mass will be at 11:00am and pictures will be taken right before. Families are encouraged to stay afterward and take as many photos as they would like. Pray for good weather!

As Spring appears to be making an appearance we will begin the work to prepare the grounds for the approaching summer. The Fish Pond is receiving an upgrade with some repairs to the lining; last Christmas a major leak developed and we had to relocate the fish to a ‘better place.’ The lining was damaged by shells and rocks being thrown into the pond. We need to be more careful and keep the pond clear of anything that would disrupt the natural flow of the water. We’re working with the pond vendor to decorate the interior with lighting and plastic holders for the plants. I know everyone loves the pond and so we are doing our best to keep it up to your high standards.

I’d like to spruce up the grounds and need volunteers to help clean up the grounds NEXT SATURDAY AT 8AM. We need to pull weeds, rake the lawns, and stack some wood. We have 1st Holy Communion at 11:00am but should finish the job by 10:00am, with a bunch of volunteers we can accomplish this! Could you call this week and let us know if you can help.