Just a reminder, this Sunday afternoon, Dr. Alan Hunt, from Dynamic Catholic, will be the featured speaker at Holy Family in Duxbury today between 2:00-6:00pm. The tickets are $25.00 but I’d be happy to provide one free to anyone who is interested in attending. Dr. Hunt is an inspiration speaker and well worth listening to, and so I plan on attending.

You might not realize this but the Pastor of your parish looks forward to First Holy Communion almost as much as the 2nd graders who are receiving the Sacrament. Each week the kids come forward to the altar and receive a blessing, but you know they want to receive the Eucharist. I always get a laugh when the littles, who while in their parents arms, dive for the ciborium with the expectation of receiving the Eucharist. Wouldn’t it be nice to recapture that same sense of innocent wonderment. On Saturday 10 girls and 8 boys received First Holy Communion. Congratulations to: Elizabeth Lomba, Lucas Albert, Amelia Milone, Myles Cannon, Ava Ellis, Conor Foley, Julia Kahn, Declan Gagnon, Margaret Kellher, Edward Garvey, Grace Leon, Cat Nguyen Vo, Chau Bao Vo, Ngoc Khanh Vo, Marco Pellegrini, James Perfetuo, Thomas Vacirca and Jaqueline Mojave, all who received Holy Communion.

Also a word of thanks to Mrs. Rein, our teachers, and all who have prepared them for this important day, as well as their parents, who are the first teachers in the faith for their children.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped clean the property on Saturday. Earlier in the week I hired someone to remove the pine tree, while this week we will have to hire an arborist to straighten the arborvitae trees and other pine trees. I had hoped to open the fish pond this weekend but we have to install a liner on the bottom of the pond. Once the pond is filled with water we will start to put in water plants and fish. We are addressing the winter damage and will be installing new sections of sod in the front of the church and by the chapel side.

May is Marian month, a special time in the Church’s year in which we honor the Blessed Mother. The Rosary brings me comfort. In the concluding prayers of the Rosary is the ‘Hail Holy Queen’ which makes reference to “morning and weeping in this valley of tears” and continues “and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” My life, much like many of yours, is filled with pressure and anxiety, of times feeling isolated and overwhelmed. These feelings are real to me but fleeting as well…they become fleeting when I get on my knees and ‘reach for the beads’ and start praying. I find that the Sorrowful, Joyful and Glorious mysteries are replete with the varied movements in my life. I began Catholic Traveling Prayers in the hope that we might come to rediscover the font of this rich Catholic Devotion. When we undertake this private devotion we continue to honor Mary, seek her intercession with Jesus, and carry on the long tradition held by our great grandparents, grandparents and parents. It is kind of neat to know that we are connected in the same work of those who have gone before, while promoting it to our children and grandchildren.

This coming Friday will be Christine Logan’s last day as the parish’s administrative assistant. She has been with us for close to 4 years and has done an exceptional job…between her professional demeanor, her pastoral sensibility, an outstanding knack for organization and rarely being absent, never being late, her hard work ethic and personal warmth, she will be greatly missed by many. Christine is a graduate of Assumption College and will take her business skills to a position in Finance. I congratulate her on this job advancement and wish her well.