This past Friday we said goodbye to the Parish’s Administrative Assistant, and so we are in the process of hiring for this position. We wish her well in this new position, which brings with it greater opportunity. While we go through this transition we will still be answering the door and the phones, and will do our best to accommodate your needs. Pray for our new hire and for Christine in her new position.

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day and I am pleased to report that I have already given my mom her card and gift.

I want to extend my prayers and good wishes to all the mothers who are joining us at Mass today.

We have a special gift for each of them and the gifts will be blessed and then passed out during Mass.

We continue the work on the grounds and are installing special lighting in the bottom of the fish pond. The weather has been great so this has given myself and Catherine Rein an opportunity to get out and work on the landscape around the pond. I want to thank the other volunteers who help us with the plants at each of the entrances. We are cutting down the crabapple tree by the side of the sacristy soon.

I am working with South Shore Signs to repair the damage to the sign and make improvements. We are also replacing the sign above the rectory door that was damaged in the last Nor’easter.

We are close to completing the Blessed Mother Grotto. The tiles have been installed, and we await lighting. The grotto is being dedicated to the memory of 1st Lt. Timothy Steele of Duxbury who was killed in action in Afghanistan on 8/3/11. I taught Tim how to be an altar server at the age of 10, attended his graduation at West Point Academy at age 21 and officiated at his wedding when he was age 22. He was a hard worker and enrolled in an prep academy to get into West Point. I was very proud of all he accomplished, and overwhelmed when he died. We are coming up on his seventh anniversary, and this is just a way to remember all the men & women who have died protecting our country.

On Mother’s Day we remember Mary, Mother of God, Mother to all the baptized by providing rosary beads and prayer cards from Fatima.

Important Notice for Vigil Mass folks: The Vigil Mass moves to 5:00pm on the Sat. of Memorial Day Weekend. Confessions move to 4pm.