This week I was on retreat in Long Branch New Jersey at the San Alfonso Retreat Center.  The grounds of the center feature outdoor shrines, prayer gardens, green lawns, and beautiful chapels. The hospitality of the Redemptorist community made this week truly a place to experience the presence of God in prayer and reflection. Please be assured of my prayers for all of you and for those who so kindly offered their prayer intentions to me before I departed.

As many of you know one of the important ways we fund our teen mission trips is through various fundraisers

, and this months end; June 30-July 1 will feature our Summer Thanksgiving Fundraiser which includes TURKEY BOXED LUNCHES that we will sell for ten dollars. To raise $1500.00 we need to sell 150 sandwiches, which is a tall order! The lunches will be ready for pick up on Saturday at the 5pm Mass through Sunday’s 11:30am Mass. Through the generosity of the Marshfield Fisherman’s Association we will be selling LOBSTER ROLLS the first week of August. Imagine the help your continued support of our mission program will afford our missionaries… an opportunity to build, repair, or paint a house, help make repairs and improvements to a food pantry that serves the poor, and of course to bring the Word of God to those who feel abandoned!

Next weekend is FATHER’S DAY, which in Marshfield is the day of the MOLLY WALK. This is yet another example of ‘Accompanying Christ in others.’ For those who are new to the parish, this walk is to celebrate the life of Molly Fitzgerald, a young girl who died much too young in an accident; to remember Molly, her parents began the Molly Fund which provides scholarships at the high school. It has provided our parish with a scholarship for some of our Mission trips, and funded other needs in town, as well. We are also blessed to have a park which was built in her memory, Dandelion Park (located next door to CVS); this space was once home to a gas station, but now provides townsfolk with a nice area to sit or reflect. The Molly Walk is the main source of income for this Fund and so I would encourage many of you to participate in this event. Please say a prayer for sunshine this year! I hope to see you there.

If you have a moment, please consider visiting our Parish green and fishpond after Mass. We have many new and colorful koi fish who will surely put a smile on your face! God Bless!