We as Catholics are called to be counter cultural; to be a comfort for those that we do not know, regardless of their social status or lifestyle. We need not look back at how this empathy might affect us or what people think of us. We are called by Christ to go beyond ourselves. Our mercy for others should transcend our closed-in opinions, politics and prejudice, a bit like squeezing through a narrow gate. Times of difficulty for us, remind us that we are not left alone since God has given us the gift of faith.

Our faith received in baptism clothes us with Christ where we are defined and transformed by him.

We are one in All and all One in Christ Jesus. We are called to run to those who are hurting, sick, lonely, depressed or grieving, because when we do, our world becomes a bigger, brighter, and better place. Together, we can help others emerge from their darkest moments to the light of a loving embrace, a warm smile and a gesture of encouragement, as we accompany those who need us the most. All it takes is one small kind act to change the course of someone’s day. And although we may never ourselves see the outcome of our kindness, St. Paul assures us the ‘we walk by faith, and not by sight’ and so whether we are home or away we aspire to please the Lord and grow his kingdom here on earth!
In our parish we focus on the needs of the poor, as well as those who live in far off countries. Our mission program is not only directed toward the youth of the parish but also provide adults. This summer we are heading off to Chicago for a week long introduction to the social teachings of the church which are being lives in the various outreaches programs offered by Chicago and the Archdiocese of Chicago. We depart on a Sunday afternoon and spend the week visiting local centers of social outreach and return the following Friday evening. We are looking for adults to join us on this trip and our other trips. Come and embrace the Gospel by joining us on this trip.