I want to wish all the Dad’s a ‘HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.’ In each of our Masses we will be praying over all dads, while remembering all the dads who have gone before us and we now pray enjoy life with our God. My own dad (and mom) are planning on joining me for one of the Masses. Dads are an important part of our upbringing, as has my dad has been for me. As I write this, I am imagining a picture taken of my father at Holy Cross Cathedral on the occasion of my ordination to priesthood. My dad was 65, not that many years off my present age, as I look at the picture I see a lot of me in him, or alternately, a lot of him in me. What is so cool about the picture of him embracing me is that of the Holy Spirit beaming with joy out of him. They say a picture can say a thousand words, and in this case, each word is ‘love’. So let me take this time to tell my dad how blessed I am to have him in my priestly vocation. I hope we all can say something similar about the role of our dads in our lives.
On this Father’s Day I want to welcome another father into our town….FATHER STEVE BOYLE was recently appointed the Administrator of St. Christine’s Parish. Father Boyle was a few years ahead of me in seminary, harkens from South Boston, was a grade school teacher prior to entering seminary, owns a jeep, loves the beach and boating, is an animal lover just like me. He has three dogs Buddy, Pokey, and Coco. He is also actively involved in the NPH Missions down in Guatemala. I hope you have an opportunity to meet him in town, please go out of your way to extend a big welcome to him and his furry friends. Please keep him, his new staff and the parishioners of St. Christine’s in your prayers.
As you know we have a PRAYER LIST and I invite everyone to provide us with names of those who you are close to and are sick and in need of prayers. I also want to keep the list updated, so if your loved ones name is on the list and they get better please let us know so we can refresh the list. Recently someone asked me to remember one of their relatives who is in the military, but in harms way, and so I decided to create a second list of military members for whom you would like us to pray. Please send us a email at office@stanns.net along with your name and the name of the person you want remembered.

Just a reminder that we have CATHOLIC TRAVELING PRAYERS on our website, and encourage everyone to tell your friends about it and that we LIVESTREAM our Sunday 10AM Mass. Also check us out on Facebook and ‘like us’ and share the posts you like.

We continue to update our Facebook Page with new content, like pictures and reflections on scripture, and we would encourage your feedback.

When we deign these pages we try to make them attractive and informative, but unless we hear from you, we can’t always be exact as to what you want to see of this page. So how about emailing us with your thoughts to office@stanns.net.

Just in case you forgot, we are 158 days away from Thanksgiving Day. To remind you of how delicious those after dinner TURKEY SANDWICHES are, we are going out of our way to have the Annual Mission Fundraiser the weekend of July 1st. The sandwiches will cost $10.00 and include chips and a drink.
I have folks asking about the MEMORIAL BRICKS in the fish pond. So we are going to open the area for brick reservations. The cost is $100.00 for two lines and $200.00 for three lines. Now I have decided to open the Peace Garden for bricks and to lower the cost for this section to $50.00 for two lines of text. We will put out reservation forms at each entrance. We’ll have them inscribed in early August for placement the end of the month.