My mother told me a few years back that she has given her Health Care Proxy to one of my brothers, rather than me, because she is afraid I would not permit a DNR order. I was miffed at first but understood her point. Frankly if the time ever came that a loved one in my charge was in a terminal situation and necessitated extraordinary means to keep them alive, I would refuse those extra measures. These questions arise quite a bit and families are often confronted with questions of ethics and church teachings as applied to their loved ones circumstances. I have a supply of 44 page books entitled “The Health – Care Decision Guide for Catholics” written by Patricia Stewart. We also have copies of another small book entitled, “Fighting Cancer with the Help of your Catholic Faith.” Just shuffle this thought away for now, but when you need a copy please contact the office and we will either leave one for you in the church or mail one to your home.

These are difficult decisions and it can be hard to know what is the right way to approach figuring out the right amount of care and treatment.

This week the Weather Guard Industries, the roofing contractor, will be back on the property to put a new roof on the rectory and garage. The cost for this roof is $19,100.00 and has been paid for through last year’s Grand Annual Drive. The shingles will be the same color as on the church, and will be baked by the sun over the summer, ensuring a solid bond and will handle any weather we experience whether hurricane or winter season. Thanks to all those who gave to last year’s GA which funded the $100,000.00 price tag for the church, chapel, rectory and garage.

Advanced Landscaping has been on the property the past few weeks laying down sod, edging flower beds, weeding throughout the property, cleaning up the fish pond, mulching around the landscape, and lots of tree trimming. The cost for their work will come to $3,000.00. We will soon have the irrigation system turned on for the summer. Again thanks to parishioner Michael White (and his wife Bernadette) Mass Irrigation Co. Inc. (617 479 4644) for donating the entire system and for servicing the system each year at no cost to the parish.

The Cardinal has issued a statement on Immigration which I pass along in the bulletin. Regardless of where we stand on the issue we should take the time to read and reflect on the opinions of both sides, while also balancing it with church teaching. Many of us come from immigrant families, pray for them.

When I was on the priest’s retreat in New Jersey. The Philly priests were bemoaning the loss of the print version of their weekly diocesan newspaper (its digitally produced once a month). Our Archdiocese prints the “Pilot” newspaper on a weekly basis, and it is filled with some pretty interesting information about the local church, the national church and the universal church. We have been receiving twenty five copies each week, and throwing away 23 of those copies. The parish pays for the newspapers and they are free to anyone who wants a copy. I bring this to your attention in the hope that many of you might take one of the newspapers. Frankly if they are not being read we will lose this newspaper, and will find ourselves in the same situation as the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. That said, I would ask folks to start utilizing this newspaper.

Next weekend the Missionaries will be selling TURKEY SANDWICHES after each of the Masses. I want to thank everyone who each year purchases one of them!

The Grand Annual will launch over the July 4th weekend!