This is something that i think about on a daily basis. What is our purpose, right here and right now? Through my twenty+ years of my life so far, I’ve been seeking that purpose without an answer that has satisfied my hunger for living for something greater…. until I learned more about Catholicism and living a truly authentic Christian life.

God, let me be who you created me to be.

God calls us to live an authentic life. He continually works to harmonize and integrate our legitimate need, our deepest desires and our unique talents to help us become the best version of ourself. Not necessarily the best person WE want to be, but more an act of surrender that says: God, let me be who you created me to be.

What if i told you: Jesus wants to be your best friend? Jesus isn’t some ghost in the sky looking down and smiling when you do good things. He is uniquely personal and is seeking a personal friendship with you, right here and right now.

First, Jesus wants you to be yourself, to the fullest. I mean that, just like any good friend, Jesus wants you to be yourself, nothing more and nothing less. We are called to be neighbors who are authentic in both our actions and our words. You are called to be the first rate version of yourself, rather than a second rate version of another person. How cool is that?! The second is: we will find the most joy in doing (or being!) what God created you for. Jesus has a specific role in mind for you that no one else can undertake. By being yourself to the fullest, Jesus can help you find the passions and vocation that he is calling you towards. p/hi/te/” style=”text-decoration:none;color: inherit !important”>Hindi to Telugu dictionary Our goal is to live a life of holiness, a true and authentic version of you, being yourself to the fullest.

Fr Jim Martin talks about this topic in his book becoming our true selves. In this book, Fr. bid vs ask Martin about this call to holiness, “Invitation to Holiness is a lifelong call to draw closer to God, who wants nothing more than to encounter us as the person’s we are, our true selves, and as the saints we were meant to be”. I look forward to journeying with you, to become the best versions of ourselves, in who God has called us to be . ry As St. Catherine of Sienna states: “Be who God made you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” Let us together set the world on fire through small acts of kindness, done with great love. (Thank you Mother Teresa!)

I ask for your prayers as I continue my discernment in the role God has planned for me in my life, in my mission, as well as the mission of the Church. Rest assured you have my prayers.

To going beyond,


William Rein

Mission Director